Yoga Stress Coach 

Let go & restructure
body, mind and emotions
(serious overhaul)

How You Achieve Re-Set

Top Group Yoga

Explore & Learn
Tune in – Shape up – Connect

Holistic Yoga Class details

Holistic Pain Specialist

Prevent & Surpass
Physical Pain
(German efficiency)

More Than Yoga – End Pain


 My 121 Yoga Glasgow

Many factors can cause Physical, Mental and Emotional Pain.

A Good Teacher Guides You Into Breathing, Feeling, And Healing.
The Kind Of Yoga That Is Often Talked About That Sounds Like Magic.
Is Only Achieved In Focusing On The Individual And Home Practise.

Private Yoga Therapy Combined With Holistic Lifestyle Coaching & Cutting Edge Pain Relief Is The Secret Recipe For Lasting Change.


Yoga Stress Coach Insides


Yoga For Your Tribe

LnB Pain Specialist

German Pain Solution


Support Pays Off


Why 15 min practice 5x a week works a treat:

Here is the deal:

The secret sauce: Yoga that bends around your lifestyle, preferences and goals.

You can’t get any more personalised and specific at targeting your needs wants and have to’s!
And that is WHY as little as 15 min 5x a week holistic Yoga, create long-standing new habits.
We change the way you live your day……by taking yoga off the mat and into your life.

Taking breathing breaks, increasing awareness of your posture and adding new supporting habits.


  • Your in safe hands”
    Constant fatigued – No More,  weight has dropped

    and my desire to get on with my life is substantial.

    Lord Robert Ross
    Arabella, Nigg station, Highlands and Islands
  • My body shape, strength and posture all changed.

    Wow my concentration and memory improved as well.

    Eva Fernandes
    Artist, Glasgow
  • I was in for a pleasant surprise that

    I leave her class glowing every time!

    Raz Cook
    Mother of 4 and health entrepreneur, Glasgow

We all got a different focus:

Some need a stress coach, others a pain specialist.
Yoga Therapists have many tools and use Holistic Yoga
alongside modern Lifestyle Coach skills to assist
individual newbies with Yoga for Beginners, Seasoned Practitioners,
your company with corporate Yoga programs,
trauma patients with yoga for PTSD …
…and even the person that has realised that prevention is the best approach above all fixing.