Shining light on the Yoga Teacher path

We run these courses regularly, please inquire about upcoming dates and note your interest

You are Yoga teacher or in training?

Do you wish to

  • Grow a deeper knowledge
  • Raise your confidence
  • Keep your energy high and healthy
  • Get a road map to a solid yoga path

Monthly CPD workshops –  Accreditation by Yoga alliance

Monthly Meet–ups that upgrade you as a teacher

Pay one session at a time: £80 per session (my121yoga associates get £20 discount)

plus – book the remaining block with £20 discount

Still to come:

  1. 13.January – Karma and meaning of life


Puzzle theory – who am I

Getting to know your corner stones and others, the overall theme.

Energetic and mental access or lack

Why am I low on energy, have nervous energy, feel ungrounded?


What makes you You what does your puzzle tell you about yourself

introduce this concept to 1 other person.

  1. 10.February – Psychic protection and energy hygiene

A MUST for each practitioner

Intro to entities, energy suckers, magnetic thoughts

EFT revised

New tool:

Excuses detox – intro

Housekeeping, note taking on paper and internally

Record and energy holding

Setting space and ritual, cleansing

Create your own mini rituals and run them for 4 weeks, journal and evaluate

  1. 17.March – Pain 1 (must attend to do Pain 2 )

Psychology of pain:

When to go INTO the pain vs when to ZOOM OUT

Find the benefits of the pain

provocative EFT – Let’s call a spade a spade

Play with the timeline – meet your inner child

Psychic surgery – visualisation


  1. 14.April – Pain 2

Physiology of pain

What NOT to touch without consulting the doctor

Physical Buddy system

Alignment, posture, habits

support and release vs spot fixing

Intro to additional Tools:

balls: all the options and when they come in useful

towel, belt, brush, heat, ice,


These 6 months of learning give you a great foundation to any Yoga business

  • Make you stand aside from the others
  • Keep you happy and healthy
  • Give you confidence
  • Teach you ways to think and feel yourself though the tools you have on offer