EFT The process:

A: Identify a old negative program that you are running daily to sabotage your change

B: Form an opening statement

i.e. Even though I tremble when I m put on the spot – I am calm focus and strong

C: Rate how true this statement sounds ( 1-10 )

D: Tap along the Points, breathe while repeating the negative part of the statement ONLY

E: Can you make the statement more true and personal?

F: Check how you feel after a few rounds 🙂

A bit about the technique:
EFT is gaining huge momentum and is used in combination with the fields of counseling,
meridian based therapies such as shiatsu and acupressure /acupuncture, psychiatry and
psychotherapy. It is also used as an entirely separate, stand alone therapy. Quite simply- It
works. The beauty of this method is in its simplicity (you can learn it in 20 minutes!) and its
ability to really get to the root cause of your problem. Painlessly. Without medication.
Without having to analyze it to death. Often eliminating it forever… Best of all you don’t
have to believe in it for it to work.
Just start tapping to see how profound this energy therapy can be.
Sounds like science fiction ?
Scientists have found out years back and agree that we are actually not very complicated
machines out of solid bits of matter – we are more like information energy packages-
waves rather than matter- a bit like a mirage.
We are actually 99.9% empty space.
I wonder when we get all the school books changed and teach kids to change their way of
thinking instead of teaching them their limitations.
When will we teach them that there are only the limits you set yourself – it will take a while.
In November 2008,it was announced that scientists have now successfully created a force field around a
small object in a lab, which had the ability to protect this object from an onslaught of
proton rays simulating the rays of the sun. This technology will be used to enable space
travel without the high probability of the craft being destroyed or radiated by solar flares.
Wow! We are talking about some rays which we cant see which are being repelled by
another “force field” which we cant see. We do, however, know they exist. In fact if the
earth didn’t have this same ”technology” we would not be hear to talk about this.
The same scientists tell us that we are also made up of energy and information,
governed(on an atomic level) by invisible but very real energy fields which are affected by
the food we eat, the toxins and radiation which we come in contact with everyday, the
stressful situations at work or home and the toxic relationships, negative thought patterns/
belief systems and feelings that we hold in our hearts. We cannot build you a force field
(yet!)- but we can start to liberate you from the burden of past trauma, the pain of the day
and the fear of tomorrow.
Energy psychology has arrived.

EFT with an experienced practitioner can be a very interesting journey, as you are encouraged to tap outside your box. It is at times provocative to tease out stock believes you had about yourself or the situation. Your emotional charge often just melts away in front of your own eyes.


Let me introduce you to EFT’s little brother:

EFT self help techniqueThe Emotion code

A great partner to our EFT self help technique

by Dr. Bradly Nelson

I have seen things shift in seconds.

Ask you energy systems ( Kinesiology ) to what is still stuck, rather than play detective in your past.

energetic release of traumas, emotion out of your past, the womb or even your linage and people around you downloading their issues on you daily.


it is based on muscle testing (like in Kinesiology) :

A. Obtain permission to test the bodies energy system

B. Establish base line test

C. Determine if there is a n underlying trapped emotion.

D. Determine which emotion, it is  emotional chart

E. Check if further information is needed if it needs to be narrowed down.

F. Release trapped emotion

G. Check with if the emotion has been completely released.

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