Every person will be given a suitable tool to experience their own personal stillness:

mindfulnessIt’s like finding the right key to unlock what so many speak about and what feels unattainable when trying.

A little hind:

The harder you try the further you get away from it.
A: Guided visualisation – escape for the creative minded
B: Breathing exercises to clear the mind – the friends of control  😉
C: Yoga nidra – for the insomniac
D: Traditional Raja yoga meditation ( open eyed soft focus )
E: Mantra meditation – for the melodic yogini
F: Kundalini shaking – for the tangled of us

Healing Reiki Drumming with Nick Fuller – for a transformational journey

Attunement meditation – the spiritual path (by many teachers incl. Kenji Kumara, Deepak Chopra…)

My secret weapon:
Bar’s body work ( Access consciousness tool )
clears any busy mind 🙂 feels like someone empties your bin on the Desktop creating space then de-fragmenting it all to run smoothly again.