chakraPranayama is a stand alone therapy it merges well with Asana Practise ( physically bending, stretching and twisting) and can also be done on its own.
It requires also a warm up and cool down.
Breathing with a mindful and relaxed attitiude on the mind we always finish with a moment of contemplation and gratitude.

Dr. J. Allan Hobson, a psychiatrist at Harvard University, and leading brain researcher, sums up why breath work is so powerful.
“It is the one physical thing in our bodies that we can access easily that links our ‘bottom up’ processes in the brain or autonomic processes and those processes in the brain that are under our voluntary control called “top-down” processes. The breath is the link between the ‘bottom up and top down’ unconscious and conscious processes in the brain.

I am offering a ride on the breath work wave:
1.clearing air waves and prep
2.starting with a kundalini bases warm up
3.dipping in our “normal base” breath
4.breathing techniques from around the world, breathholds.
5.circular, transformational yin breathwork mini session experience

experiencing tools for:
hightend allertness,
calming and rejuvination
altered brain patterns diving into stillness
sharing experience


My five favorites for all occasions 🙂

Please ensure you consult your health practitioner or yoga teacher before starting off on your own.

There Techniques are very powerful why else would they be able to change you from the core out?

Goldilocks breath

The way you will NEVER forget how to do it (See Video)yoga-breathing-techniques

It is used to clear the nostrils and sinuses – essential tool if you suffer from allergies or angry air ways. I teach this one in Nurseries, the snottiest environment on earth and it really helps. Keep a tissue handy!

Warming breath – breath of fire

The Darth Veda of breathing ( See Video)

It has the ability to raise your body temperature and it increases your metabolic rate. It improves you ability to exhale and let go and move on. A great tool for people with poor circulation low BP ( handle with care!!!)

Cooling breath – breath of ice 

Too cool for school (See Video)

 it has the ability to lower your body temperature and it cools mind. It improves your ability to take in air and receiving more nourishment and nurturing. A great tool for hot flushes and high BP ( handle with care!!!)

Alternated nostril breathing

Yin and Yang of breathing ( See Video )

Balances both sides of your brain and good for your hormonal balance. It improved your ability to juggle and go with the flow. A Great tool to ease stress related illnesses like Hypertension, Migraine, Asthma, bronchitis and more

Adding the sound that uses the breath we add with “So-Hum” a silent mantra:

so-hum mantra the translated into ‘I am – that’ that refers to ‘all that is’ connecting with all there is.As you inhale you say ‘so’ silently to yourself and on the exhalation you say silently ‘hum’.

Ohmkar chanting ( See Video)mudra-meditation

hahaha when I started teacher training I said: “ if I it is required to do this chanting stuff I will NEVER become a Yoga teacher!”

And here I am voting it one of my most important Pranayams. And YES it works a treat!

For clearing the mind, making space in the head, to promote a good night sleep or just for freshening up.

I have attached a recoding of some Ohm chanting so you do not feel so alone when you want to integrate it into your home practise.

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