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Small Classes – Full Attention – Great Value

1st floor, 32 Granville Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G3 7DR

Classes are limited to 9 people to assure a private setting.

What else is  New: Yoga Workshops Glasgow

Light Celebration Tribal Breathwork Gatherings

20.10.2017 FRIDAY 19.00-21.00



20.9.17/ 5.10.17 / 4.11.17 / 18.12.17


5.10.17 / 4.11.17 / 3.12.17

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Get our body, mind and respiratory system in great shape to feel good inside out.
Get into stretches, strengthening and balancing it with relaxation and mindfulness in lessons we can take into our busy daily life.


MONDAY’s: No class on the 16.10.17 October week

Beginners at 18.30-19.30

Improvers at 19.30 – 20.30simone-moir-yoga-teacher-glasgow

Monday’s classes:

25.September -6.November 2017 (6-weeks)

Thursday’s class: No class on the 19.10.17 October week

Beginners at 19.00 – 20.00

28.September – 9.November 2017 (6-weeks)

Light Celebration Tribal Breathwork Gatherings

20.10.2017 FRIDAY 19.00-21.00

Early bird £49 11.9. 2017 finishes

Regular price 6-week block
Single sessions (if space is confirmed) – £10 per session paid up frontyoga-energy

Classes are paid and booked up front and limited to 9 people per class to assure a private setting.

Every class is a unique blend:

Years of experience allow me to draw from a wide range of styles, postures, sequences, breath work, visualisation, mindfulness and more.
I always design the classes around who shows up how on the day.
It is my gift to make yoga bend around you, for it to balance, fill and strengthen you, sending you back into the ring of life, inspired and bigger.

My vision is for you to develop yoga in your life as a friend, that is there when you need a hand. Mini home practise and processes off the mat are my favourite tools to share since more than 2 decades.


Class Beginners at 18.30 – Foundation level. Suitable for a complete (pain-free) beginner with a basic range of movement. No Acrobatics, no-nonsense. Feel where the postures work you as an individual and recruit body, mind and breath to “yogify” your movement process on and off the mat.

Improvers at 19.30 – Sun salutation should be fluent. Improver level looks at all levels of yoga in on deeper level. Taking sequences in flow and working on muscle groups to strengthen you from the core out. Breathwork is integral a laid as the basis for any posture. We practise heightened awareness of body, mind, breath and emotions and explore spiritual tools for our everyday life.

Mild Improvers class at 19.00-20.00
Sun salutations should be familiar. This mild improvers class uses postures to explore how the body can connect more and you learn best how to support areas of weakness. Being aware of the kinks in your armour, we recruit the areas that work best with us to build a network of support to grow and balance. It’s a journey to build our neuro-pathways to gain an understanding of movement, strength, flexibility and breath.