YOGA FOR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSIONmental and emotional fitness with persoanl yoga in glasgow

What could be more fun than working on feeling better and stronger every day 🙂 ?

Time to stop being a problem solver – what if your brain does not have the answer?
Your lack of knowledge puts you in a constant place of fear.
Let your body and mind balance itself out, tune in and and enjoy the change unfolding.

ANXIETY and PANIC attacks

If you have 30 min WATCH THE VIDEO by clicking on the anatomy image to the right:

Yoga for anxiety and panic: The solution is not in your head.

For example a phobia has you in a physical lock its a cellular responds locked in cellular memory.

Release old programmes, unhealthy beliefs, stuck emotions, images and cellular memories

Changing your thinking does not change your thought patterns. Clean out your systems andanxiety-video

we do not use your rational mind to shift emotional rubbish as it cant get the job done.

These are great tools also for anger management, resentment, blame and guilt issues.

And this is how we elevate anxiety and bring you back into balance:
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Depression needs de-compression


Yoga for depression: Clearing out your energy paths is crucial to move the emotion. E(ffect)motions live on the Meridians and the soft tissue of your body.

In the Chinese medicine, an imbalance in your Water element stops your flow and makes you freeze in the wrong moments

Einstein also said
“You can not get out of a problem with the same mind that got you into it”

Think Positive is not really possible though,
The mind is a slave to the emotions.
Emotions are not in your head they are linked bodily tissue. That is why your body feels heavy weak and your whole system in under distress or drain.
And this is how we elevate depression and bring you back into balance:
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Try this particular organ sound originating from traditional Chinese medicine
the sound of AAHHH – or Hhaaaa, inhale and on the exhalation say(=breath) out loud aaaahhhhhhh
It resonates with your heart organ and energy. Maybe is is familiar to your as a we sigh?
It fills our heart with lightness and drains all heaviness, instinctively what we do when we cant take any more.

Other tools to beat stress:

Pranayama – control YOUR life force energy:

yoga classes for mind, body & soulThe breath is a dymamic bridge between body and mind the yogis refer to it as the eternal soul.

The way to connect with your essence – Your Breath:

5 min of not breathing and you are dead. What do you think your bodies reaction is when you slowly starve yourself of it with shallow breathing. It panics!
No you do not need a traumatic experience, a tormented childhood or lots of stress to establish poor breathing habits.
It can JUST HAPPEN and can be resolved.
Restore balance with ancient yogic breathing techniques
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Energy psychology in Glasgow or via Skype

EFT – Emotional Freedom technique –  made easy for home use

EFT vs Positive Affirmations in issue solvingeft glasgow

Imagine you sit in your perfect dream house, with your perfect dream dog and he takes a poop on your perfect carpet. You clean up the shit and deal with the stains (EFT) or you focus on the beauty of the space around you ( affirmations )

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