No matter if you are a hunk with a washboard tummy
or have never really had much muscle to speak of

Yoga meets you where YOU are at.
Did you hit a plateau?

Can you just not manage to gain enough focus to make a difference to your strength?

Yes, Yoga does assist with building muscles, the ones that stabilise the big gym ones.

Yoga is your best partner:

Play at your personal best for longer, counterbalance and avoid injury.

Even 15 MIN after exercising will impact your progress when training for a specific goal.
Power Yoga, Fitness Yoga and Yoga Therapy for focus and rehabilitation.

Round your personal training programs off:

Maximizes Performance – the sky is the limit
If you learn how to balance your muscles and use your body in a joint-friendly way you will be able to :

What a personalised Yoga regime has to offer

Minimize Performance Nerves

Prevent Injury improve Muscle recruitmentsports yoga

Maximize Respiratory & cardiovascular Strength

Increase Movement Efficiency

Laser focus Visualisation

Mind over matter with mindfulness and meditation

Maximize Agility &  Optimise ROM

Complement Balance &  Flexibility

Enhance Proprioception

Increase Control of Dynamic Movement

Strengthen Functional Mobility and Stability

Augment Athlete Preparation

Intensify Recovery, Magnify Relaxation

With a team of experts on my side bringing your team to the leading edge with the new 10-Day athletes’ transformation NEW in the UK in 2015 and presented by Purium. ( WADA certified ) Masteramino acids are essential for the optimisation of your muscle functions, joint flex is an ideal support for all joints. ( Contact me)

Yoga for Sports

Athletes -Yoga customised for any sports


Raise Your Game
Sports Yoga techniques and programs are designed to enhance structural fitness and maximize athletic performance. Yoga corrects postural imbalance, improves mobility and stability, breathing and focus. It maximizes your performance potential – providing the missing link in strength and conditioning training.


Most importantly: it gets results.

I tailor programs to an individual athlete’s needs. To maximize performance I look first at individual biomechanics, then the demands of the specific sport, before developing the right
Sport-Specific Yoga techniques and program.
Every Second Counts!

Yoga 121 can be customised for any sports in Glasgow

if you interested in a team or group event please contact me directly

Ryan Giggs:

Yoga is key to prolonging my Manchester United career

yoga-sport-manRyan Giggs has said that practising yoga has kept him in the game for so long and added that he would still love to play another 100 games for Manchester United. The Welshman, who is chasing his 13th Premier League title, told Gazzetta dello Sport that he has had to change the way he thinks on the pitch but that he is still “living the dream”.

“The yoga has definitely helped me. It helps me train every day because it gives me the flexibility and the strength not only to play the game but to train as well.
The Guardian


Sports specific Yoga and fitness now in Glasgow’s west end.