This is my it this way
Get to know your body
Learn to listen to it
Hear what it says
It’s simple to correct old habits then.

Get to the core of back pain.

Only in the one to one approach can a teacher insure not to injure you any further. Sometimes the area that you think is letting you down – i.e. your back – is actually the area you should be thanking for its hard work.
It may be the supporting muscles that are slacking,
putting your back under strain and resulting in it not like this

The usual back pain treatments – stretches, massage, and alignment – will exacerbate the issue as they result in more workload for the pained muscles.

So what’s the answer?

We do not strain – We do not attack.

Instead we gently balance your body and hey presto your back is fixed – Clever aye? Its all about finding the muscles that are slacking on the job, which puts lots of pressure on the ones taking the load. Often the muscle hurting is not at fault at all. It’s overworked and not supported and is now having enough of it.

Some common myths dispelled:Back-Pain-121yoga
Myths One: Getting plenty of rest is the best defence against back pain.
Walking and hobbies like gardening are bad for my back and may slow recovery.
The Truth: In most cases, staying active is a key part of managing back pain and doing so will also help you feel better mentally, physically and emotionally.
While it’s understandable and appropriate to avoid activities that cause you more pain, be careful not to let a fear of hurting yourself get in your way. Movement can help speed up the healing process and prevent future flare ups; being inactive can complicate and prolong the pain.
In particular, it’s important to focus on strengthening your “core” – your pelvis, back and abdominal muscles.

My favourite Myths : 
A: Back pain usually requires surgery.
B: Most back pain is due to irreversible injury to the spine.
C: There’s nothing that can be done for chronic back pain – you just “have to live with it”.best fitness for back pain personal yoga classes in glasgow
The Truth: The most common cause of back pain is muscle strain which can be the result of an unexpected force or pull on the muscles of the back. Quite often back strain can be as a result of long-standing postural issues which means if you have surgery you will still need to look at solving the postural issue otherwise you will re-injure yourself. Whether the injury is caused from such issues, or a trauma, an increase in circulation and the strengthening the surrounding supporting muscles will help the healing process and alleviate your pain.

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