Hands on Nutrition in Glasgow:

Why is eating right such a BIG DEAL? Food changes our internal ecosystem.
Ever heard You are what You eat? Well that is not just a smooth line.

Nothing can replace wholesome healthy varied diet, only supplements that work are extracted from raw, whole foods as they are recognised by the body and can be assimilated easily.

I endorse supplements but any of those are worth nothing without learning about REAL food, what we eat and what we feed our kids is crucial. our daily habits can’t be erased by popping a pill or having a shake, yes it can help but food is next to breath and water what makes up our body, what balances our moods and shapes our personality like nothing else.

THE EVIL FOUR that are keeping you soft, sedated and sluggish!

Avoid those 4 and learn how to preserve some nutrients. Read on..

We offer regular nutrition courses to fill you in on good choices; knowledge and the right skills makes change possible

We don’t go mad in any directions and are promoting a good balance, buzz word alkalising food is often taken too seriously. Your body needs both, acid and alkalinity, make it simple eat balanced and well.

Bag of tricks and inspirations:
Find a happy balance, myth of alkalinity and acid
What to increase and avoid
Relax and have fun learning
Be creative – try new things
Delicious 20min recipes and much more…

NUTRITION WORKSHOP: Ask for upcoming workshops by noting your interest

 Are your supplements supporting your health or just expensive pee?

Calcium is the sheep and magnesium is the shepherd.

If you consume lots of calcium but no magnesium to tell it where to go, then you will have calcium dropping out of solution (not going to your bones) and going places that it shouldn’t. When you have more calcium than magnesium you will find calcium in places it shouldn’t be which causes such things as tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, and bone spurs. Too much calcium and not enough magnesium can lead to plaque in the arteries, kidney stones, gallstones, calcification of the aortic valves and the painful calcification of joints.