Stress is inevitable, suffering is optional.



Is your very core battered and tired? 


Some Magic needed? I have THE KEY!

First of all surrender your rational mind that keeps you a prisoner.

Yes the tools I use may be outside THE NORM, outside THE BOX, even outside YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

Famous Einstein Quote


We all carry stress somewhere.breathe

Let’s just support the part that takes it for us and recycling what we can.

Stress gathers like toxin pockets in the various areas:

Stress = the weight of the world on you =  shoulders
Worry = it makes me feel sick = tummy
Irritable = ‘pain in the neck’ = neck
Vulnerable = ‘stabbed in the back’ = back pain

What techniques do we use to learn how to deal with stress?

You are unique find YOUR right mix:
Yoga body mind balance to strengthen the nervous
Pranayamabreathing techniques proven to release fear and worry.
Engery & Body Work – a treat for body and soul.
Mindfulness & Meditation an opportunity to dip into varies techniques all falling under the umbrella of mindfulness.
Lifestyle look at the bigger picture, positive visualization, stop giving your energy away. Become more effective create ‘ME-time’, be mindful, organised, focused and prioritise.
EFTbreak the victim cycle with tools helping you to stay floating and calm.
Peace of mind –   ‘Bars’ – an Access Consciousness tool to streamline a cluttered mind.
AlkaliseImprove on nutrition and hydration to help you body to relax. Maybe address your deficiency of Magnesium, Vitamin D or B vitamins.