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Monthly ” Tribal breathwork emersions” are back

 October special – festival of light

Friday the 20.October 2017

As the days are slowly but surely getting shorter we are entering the Yin time of the Year

I am inviting you to the first of our Yin evening so not aimed to be traumatic or hard. We are inviting flow and nourishment.

a 2 hr journey through your body and mind, with techniques for pranayama, mindfulness, elemental and organ energy from around the globe.

Full Moon in Libra 1 sides to everything – Which one are you focusing on?

Let’s breathe, find and share the light.

Tap into the “I am” breath, movement and energy.

Balancing our energy lines with breath

connecting heaven and earth

integrating shadow and light

Unclutter our minds and experience the balance of the scales.



As you know my studio is amazing and petite so please register and pay upfront to guarantee your spot.

Suggested donation 20GBP a part of the proceeds are going to our labyrinth fund there will be tea, water and snacks on offer.


Annual Nutrition Feast Workshopnutrition-detox

The Opportunity not to be lectured enticed into more awareness about what and how your eat and feed your family.

11.00 – 13.30 59GBP 2. September 2017 ( can do another one if you note your interest )

Early-bird £49 including till 19.August.2017

eye opening tools, loads of yummy food and a workbook with great recipes


Introducing you to superfoods and tricks of how to absorb all the goodness out of the food that goes in. 

Balance your diet – find a happy medium. Relax and have fun learning and trying new things.

Be Prepared: Pre-class journal your food intake for 1 week.

1.You are what you eat – What are you? Where are you heading for?

Water + Salt + tissue salts = Your bodynutrition & detox

What is YOUR body asking for ( what do I actually NEED )

2.Acid and alkaline – what is this all about – the evil acid trap

Would you drink battery acid? So why do you?


3.Portion size, focus and frequency – you will never go hungry again and balance your weight.

4.Superfoods – 100% nourished

Good nutrition does not cost the earth

what works – what does not. Where to get all the fancy stuff from on a budget.

  1. Easy way’s to detox and get the most out of this nutritional change on a budget.

6.Clear instructions: what to increase and reduce – shopping list and where to get it

7.Good food quickly vs fast food

8. Recipes under 20 min – recipes for snacks on the go and tips for healthy balanced diet.


The workshop is held at my121yoga Derby Street G3 7TG

Coming soon:

2017 Shamanic Reiki Drum Healingreiki healing drum
with Nick Fuller

Reiki Drumming is a magical journey into healing.
Reiki Drum is a unique combination of Reiki healing and Native American medicine drumming, in which Reiki energy is focused and amplified through the energy of the traditional frame drum.

The technique is used for healing at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, as well as for journeying in order to connect with power animals and spirit guides.
During the session you will be guided through a magical Reiki Drum journey to gain insight, guidance and inspiration.

You will also receive a Reiki Drum healing as part of a gentle shared group process, which will leave you feeling energised and renewed
Track to go journeying at home will be shared.


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Stephen Hardwick5 star   This has been easily my best yoga experience…..Small intimate classes, with spirituality grounded in everyday context.

A really nice atmosphere every single time. Exquisite yoga knowledge, with life balance & physiological knowledge as a support to instruct.

Bespoke Instruction to take away for self-development. A real bang for your buck. See you there.

Now 2 weekly Yoga classes in Glasgow’s west end.

Some hot Tips for your first class.