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 2 Days 2 Ways 2 Balance Your Being

10.June.2014  Day 1 Menopause workshop:

Irene will take us through a talk on Mindfulness and exciting insights covering Naturalpathic nutritional Therapy.will include a demonstration and a perfect lunch

This will include a demonstration and a perfect lunch ( vegetarian option available).
Drinking and feasting from her wisdom in the morning.

The afternoon is integration into the body.
Digesting the learned and opening up to new tools for how to stay cool in all challenges that come with hormones.

Tools like the cooling Breathwork, hormone balancing Yoga and energy work. How to allow the Yang energy to transform us and allow the next chapter to unfold gracefully.

The day is Priced separately at 65GBP including lunch

11.June.2017  Day 2: Day of yin emergence

Listening into all the little places that usually don’t get time and space to speak. Dropping into shaking out the cobwebs,  Yin yoga, mindfulness, breathwork and energy balancing exercises rounded off with vibration work.

Dropping into shaking out the cobwebs,  Yin yoga, mindfulness, breathwork and energy balancing exercises rounded off with vibration work.
Dropping in the afternoon into the soundwave of Peter Halley sound bath is the best way to end this weekend.

This day is priced at 65GBP including vegan  lunch and soundbath.
(Soundbath is 20GBP if booked separately)

Earlybird offer for existing clients Early bird book by 8.3.17 pay £55 for Day 2 Weekend special Event price 120GBP

Coming soon:

2016 Shamanic Reiki Drum Healingreiki healing drum
with Nick Fuller

Reiki Drumming is a magical journey into healing.
Reiki Drum is a unique combination of Reiki healing and Native American medicine drumming, in which Reiki energy is focused and amplified through the energy of the traditional frame drum.

The technique is used for healing at all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, as well as for journeying in order to connect with power animals and spirit guides.
During the session you will be guided through a magical Reiki Drum journey to gain insight, guidance and inspiration.

You will also receive a Reiki Drum healing as part of a gentle shared group process, which will leave you feeling energised and renewed
Track to go journeying at home will be shared.


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Stephen Hardwick5 star   This has been easily my best yoga experience…..Small intimate classes, with spirituality grounded in everyday context.

A really nice atmosphere every single time. Exquisite yoga knowledge, with life balance & physiological knowledge as a support to instruct.

Bespoke Instruction to take away for self development. A real bang for your buck. See you there.

Now 2 weekly Yoga classes in Glasgow’s west end.

Some hot Tips for your first class.