Allow The Fog To Lift Ultimate Excuses Detox

1st week £57 – Foundation (if you are new to detoxing this will be enough)

2nd week £157 – Deep Clean

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Including intestinal wash (Shankha Prakshalana) which touches every organ

There are 5 valves in our food passage.

They are oesophageal, pyloric, ileocecal, colon and anus.
The complexity of the GIT (Gastrointestinal tract) and its sensitivity to day-to-day tensions are common causes to restrict the flow in the system. They lose their natural function & become inefficient and gradually the system starts to pack up. This causes auto-toxaemia, a state where the body’s own wastes begin to poison itself.

Poor food, sedentary lifestyles, late eating hours, habitual snacking and dehydration, are also common reasons that the digestive system becomes inefficient at assimilating and eliminating thus causing stomach ailments. Shankha Prakshalana practice reconditions the function of the valves & eliminates all types of toxins from the bloodstream.

Salt is used for Shankha Prakshalana because of its reaction in the stomach when it mixes with acids and enzymes. It creates a more dilute and less potent solution. Salt is a very efficient means to dissolve mucus and clean intestinal linings. In small quantities, it has a soothing effect on inflamed linings and also has a mild relationship with the liver.

Food Restrictions and aftercare

1.  For at least one week after the practice, all chemically processed, synthetic, pungent, spicy, acidic, rich and non-vegetarian foods must be strictly avoided. No pickles, sweets, chocolates, ice cream or soft drinks should be taken.

2.  Avoid milk, buttermilk, yoghurt and all fruits, especially acidic fruits such as lemons, grapefruit, oranges or pineapples are restricted.

3.  Cigarettes, tea, coffee and any other types of intoxicants or drugs should also not be taken.

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