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The secret to less pain is learning more about your body type, one does not ft all, find out what will work for you. An easy-to-follow little FREE home practice that awakens your curiosity and makes self-care so easy.

Discover the 3 different pain personalities and types. We use the poses of this 7-day challenge to accompany any therapy when in acute pain, or to just maintain good joint health and grow older gracefully.

Can you devote 7 days less than 10 min each day? To understand YOUR own unique body in the privacy of your own home, safely, with Pain and Yoga specialist Simone Moir.

Join our 2023: Emotional First Aid Kit

A simple and playful 4-week course for more sanity for the whole family starting 2023 fresh.

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Who is this for?

For You, if you are serious about change.

You know that it’s time to build the muscle, habits and neuro-pathways to make a difference.

Allow me to be your genius and intuitive coach that guides you past pitfalls misconceptions to achieve your goal.

100% commitment and participation are required as I value your and my time.

There is no “done-for-you” miracle course here for you, no magic wand.



Are you in need of a stress coach or pain specialist?
Yoga Therapists have many tools and use Holistic Yoga
alongside modern Lifestyle Coach skills to assist
YOU from Beginners and Non-Yogis to Seasoned Practitioner

  • Your in safe hands”
    Constant fatigued – No More,  weight has dropped

    and my desire to get on with my life is substantial.

    Lord Robert Ross
    Arabella, Nigg station, Highlands and Islands
  • My body shape, strength and posture all changed.

    Wow my concentration and memory improved as well.

    Eva Fernandes
    Artist, Glasgow
  • 40 min with Simone vs 2 years on youtube

    Mind blowing insides I will never forget!

    Scott Reilly
    , Glasgow