Alleviate anxiety

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.” Simone Moir

A: Listen to your physical response.

Get out of your head and into your feeling place.
We explore with metaphors, imagery and inquiry into what is happening within.
(the practice of mindfulness)

B: Learn to observe your breath.

How about learning how a ‘normal’ breath is?

He how can calm the breath will never
BREATHE: Or how to turn fight or flight into a flow.(Pranayama – Conscious breathing)
Try relaxed tummy breathing focusing on a soft and long the exhalation, exploring the horizontal breath.
Detoxify your mind and tissues gently of stuck emotional, environmental and nutritional waste.

C: Look at your triggers and the bigger picture.

Have tools that work at 2 a.m. within minutes.
(EFT) Do not avoid panic provoking situations, built on a positive relationship with them.
Get yourself out of the victim role and build on your confidence to dance with the enemy.

D: E-motion – effect motion.

Take all your bodily tissues to their full range of movement.
get up – get out – get moving is one part
For example, our Lymphatic system has no pump and requires movement to keep flowing.
It’s key to a strong immune system and hormonal balance. Crucial for cleaning out stuck emotions.

E: The practical stuff for every day :

Break down daily tasks into small steps, de-clutter.
Be organised find a healthy routine to balance your Vata Dosha imbalance
Handle your worries as background noise or as signals rather than threat.
Built a safety net of positive people around you and learn to ask for help.

F: Have a look at your Nutrition eat light and often little.

Check for Magnesium deficiency, B vitamins, Vitamin D in Winter, Zink and hydration. Link to hydration

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