While you focus on guiding your company into new opportunities

…let me look after the mental health challenges that arise through working from home.

Outside the box approach into customised solutions for your team

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Your mission if you choose to accept it is to gift to you and your team that personalised support and care, that raises productivity and morale, so you can build the tribe you need to navigate 2021.

This 2-month mental support challenge comprises of

1-month intensive explore new ways and become curious

  • free 3 min stress assessment questionnaire before and after
  • daily support to establish new habits to build more resilience for varied tastes and characters.
  • The espresso tip of the day delivered to your desktop.
  • I need 15 min of your time to set your team up for a win.
  • Authentic and down to earth simple processes.
  • No nonsense packaging – there won’t be a 1 min jingle and a bunch of success stories, it’s nutshell content.
  • Interactive: You rate it after and get more of what they like in the future.
  • Gamified for extra fun, office challenges, celebrating weekly highs and lows, possibility for buddy groups.
  • You win points for watching and applying (the prise is up to you)
  • We only explore breath, sensations and metaphors, we do not reveal the embarrassing story behind (I am not a shink!) or make way for gossip
  • You can monitor the effectiveness and personalise your playlist
  • Weekly Q&A sessions live on zoom

1 month of weekly input and personalised email bonuses to help you while you find your path to a more balanced life.



These tips are addictive and blast old habits out of the water like rubber duckies.

Scott M. international engineering, Edinburgh,

I was amazed that the tools made their way into my busy life. I got so hooked I shared it with the whole family and it became the No.1 dinner conversation, a smorgasbord of natural highs, calm, focused and productive. The teen loved them for exams and my wife for her sleep, they gobble it up, as I did. I was so sceptical at first. This was the best investment I have ever made and beets team building days out.

Victoria W. London

#SOS button support

Book individual sessions, or small group laser coaching at a corporate rate

Face-to-face and heart-to-heart coaching


  • major emotional triggers such as overwhelm
  • physical stress by subscribing specific stretching to help posture
  • breathing at your desk to regain calm focus
  • breakthrough session for growth (where do I stand in my own way)
  • Tools like Emotional freedom technique
  • Rebalancing of resilience and vulnerability

To book please contact me via email: simone@my121yoga.com


We are here for you no matter where on this globe you are.


Make Wellness a powerful Business strategy!

Health and wellness are closely correlated with overall employee productivity and job satisfaction… Really!

Is your annual health week making a lasting impression or is it just an item ticked off your list?

From life coaching and Breathwork over mini-meditation to postural stretches to off-set RSI’s and work-related pain.


Personal online support via Zoom, schedule a session to invite more space into your life so change can become possible

Corporate wellness programs have also been proven to have an impact on the bottom line.

In fact, a recent study found that companies who employ a wellness strategy have cost save money, retain employees, and have grown in more way than one.

The same study found that employee absenteeism was reduced by 19% for those companies with a solid wellness program.

These cost benefits have the attention of today’s organisational leadership

That’s why many companies are beginning to incorporate wellness programs into their overall corporate strategy.

However, an effective wellness program must include more than an info session on healthy habits.

It must be comprehensive, flexible, and must fit nicely into your organisation’s daily routines and overall goals.

For “Health-Day-Packages” and support.

Stress is taking over our lives, health and  business budgets

We will be presenting well-being at your desk workshops

The stress of the body melts with postural exercises that make an impact on where your head is.

Due to a parked, slouched and tense posture at work your body deteriorates fast.

Active online group teaching

  1. Explore where YOU hold your stress
  2. Adopt these new habits and get paid while you gain more ease and control over your wellbeing.
What if …Working hard while feeling good is actually possible and even fun by empowering your teams?

Teaching you real tools for real work

and little life transformations.

There actually is somewhere ME in Team

You just need to change your perspective



This might sound surprising…

We believe that stress can be positive,

It drives us on and helps us to grow, develop and increase our performance. However, when stress reaches a certain level, it can create a destructive cycle that will have a negative impact on our physical and mental wellbeing and performance.

These sessions will give you a “reality check” by helping you identify the causes and effects of your stress and assist you in developing simple but powerful techniques to help you manage your stress in your own life.

Your change is only a breath away – Get your bounce back.

Please contact me directly on 07789813481