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EFT-Tapping into your power

Explore your body’s lesser-known electrical system and feel how it is to be plugged in and rewired.

There are different strands of Meridian Tapping and I have developed a non-invasive version, based on awareness and integration vs on separation and elimination.

EFT = simple acupressure for mind & heart sanity

Tapping is gaining huge momentum and is used in combination with the fields of counselling, meridian-based therapies such as shiatsu and acupressure /acupuncture,
psychiatry and psychotherapy. It is also used as an entirely separate, stand-alone therapy.

The beauty of this self-help method lies in its simplicity (you can learn it in the most basic form in 1 hour!) and can be used as a nerve tonic.

For The Magic to be there when you need it, it requires integration.


First aid kit for emotional bruises

Do you feel like life has beaten you up of late and you have not quite bounced back as well as you thought?

How to rewire where fuses blew in the past and how to create a safe space in your mind.

Discover how to start building stronger neurological highways to cope with stress, trauma and grief better.


Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to explore with me a smorgasbord of effective tools and a steady path to more ease,

so that after 5 weeks you can self-soothe, pick up your mood and breathe with more ease no matter what life presents you with.


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Starting 25th of June 2022


5 hours of learning in your own time with micro lessons – video materials

5 bite-size bonuses, journaling and self-awareness tools

5 min a day it takes to keep it in your system long-term, this can become like tooth brushing a little self-care time, easily integrated in the day.

5 weeks to build new habits and let it sink in to be effective when needed, we help you stay on track and accountable.


We have a FB group for Q&A  ( link

 2 Q&A live calls along with tips to keep you going

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Full price £198


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5 weeks to more sanity

Comprehensive home study course with FB support group and 2 Q&A live calls to get you started.


No prior experience needed


EFT is

a powerful stand-alone energy psychology tool, blended with other tools to strengthen your nervous system, so it can become your best therapist at your beck and call.
No unhelpful shortcuts, if done correctly it’s a powerful saviour.

5 weeks to more sanity video link press the image with me below


Lesson 1: Regain your footing prepare the journey

Yogic breathwork the missing link – Establish breathing patterns that help to stop. In 2010, an international study reaffirmed this timeless wisdom by showing that this breathing technique reduced the “fight-or-flight” response. Breathwork has been shown to strengthen the vagus nerve which helps the entire nervous system.

Lesson 2: Discover your energy body make some space

Tap and breath – this is your go-to practice when words fail you. Establishing the foundations well is key to your success. Release urgency and re-equate yourself with yourself.  Make space in your day to allow newness in.

Lesson 3:  Get yourself out of ‘fight or flight’ mode

Flood your brain with feel-good hormones – self-care reclaimed. From mini moments to proper pamper this week is about how you can create your energetic charging station. It’s an invitation outside-the-box of what we think we need, we actually need and we can totally do without.

Lesson 4: EFT – The ultimate therapeutic rant

Tap and breathe ease – Introduction to EFT points and fast relief technique to lower the base tension and start increasing resilience, perspective and ease.
Strengthen your nervous system.

Lesson 5: – 101 of psychological reversal

Upgrading old habits by having them seen, heard and felt – This is where youtube EFT seems to start let’s see what else is possible.

Stay accountable

This course is filled with bonuses for doing the work.


Let’s be frank:

One cannot just tap in emergencies.
It’s a bit like going into battle without any prior training.


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to strengthen your Nerveussystem and prep for the upgrade:

Jin Shin Jytsy – Ancient Japanese Art form. It releases stagnation from our bodies’ energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells.
Holding 1 finger at a time with the intention on meridian pathway crossings, that relate to emotions and promote ease,
which makes JSJ one of the simplest. Low tech and most effective bioenergetic practice I know.

Recent client experience of this EFT course:


I found the course helped develop proper useful breathing techniques.
The focus on one specific issue rather than going off in tangents helped to focus and resolve negative energies.
I was surprised that it turned out to be effective as I didn’t know what to expect initially.

Carin Carr


Hearts can be mended, trust can be rebuilt – Wow, after years of self-punishment and blaming the world I have had a breakthrough with EFT that no amount of psychologists has managed.

Russo, Mother & Entrepreneur


Learning about the individual tapping points and what they represent was also extremely helpful. I feel like I have more control back as I gained better perspective.

  1. King, CEO


After the workshop, I felt like the type of 2-dimensional EFT I knew about from YouTube videos and self-practice became 3-dimensional or burst into colour from a black and white understanding. 

It became clear that working with someone else brings the technique alive and helps to clarify, what to tap on which is perhaps more important than the tapping itself…?

Anna Kerr, Massage Therapist

EFT121 is truly unique and gobsmacking.

Scientists have found out years back and agree that we are actually not very complicated machines out of solid bits of matter – we are more like information energy packages-waves rather than matter- a bit like a mirage.
We are actually 99.9% empty space.


Deepak Chopra “EFT offers great healing benefits on all levels”

Donna Eden “EFT is effective, easy and produces amazing results”

With a Therapist to assist, it holds the ability to really get to the root cause of your problem. Painlessly. Without medication.
Without having to analyze it to death. Often eliminating it forever…when explored in a private supported session.


Energy psychology has arrived.

Best of all you don’t have to believe in it for it to work.

EFT Tapping Often Works Where Nothing Else Will.

EFT breathes fresh air into the healing process by borrowing from the Chinese meridian system.
While acupuncture, acupressure and the like have been primarily focused on physical ailments,

EFT stands back from this ancient process and points it also at emotional issues.
EFT with an experienced practitioner can be a very interesting journey, as you are encouraged to tap outside your box.
It is at times provocative to tease out stuck beliefs you had about yourself or the situation (the little voice).
Your emotional charge often just melts away in front of your own eyes.


Let’s get Tapping into School – How cool would that be?

I wonder what will happen when we get all the school books changed and teach kids to change their way of thinking instead of teaching them their limitations.

When will we teach them that there are only the limits you set yourself – it might take a while, miracles are possible.

When children get a vocabulary to communicate emotions better, tools to meet them and the understanding that all emotions are valuable, the only issue is getting stuck in them.



In November 2008, it was announced that scientists have now successfully created a force field around a small object in a lab, which could protect this object from an onslaught of
proton rays simulating the rays of the sun. This technology will be used to enable space
travel without the high probability of the craft being destroyed or radiated by solar flares.
Wow! We are talking about some rays which we can’t see which are being repelled by
another “force field” which we cant see. We do, however, know they exist. In fact, if the earth didn’t have this same ”technology” we would not be heard to talk about this.


The same scientists tell us that we are also made up of energy and information, governed (on an atomic level) by invisible but very real energy fields which are affected by the food we eat, the toxins and radiation which we come in contact with every day, the stressful situations at work or home and the toxic relationships, negative thought patterns/belief systems and feelings that we hold in our hearts.


We cannot quite build you a force field

We can look at what keeps your vibration low and you under constant attack and unfavourable noise that corrupts and overpowers your strong guidance inner signals.

It is not that we do not KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR US we just can’t seem to make ourselves fall in love with what serves us best… why?

As we still think we need fixing vs growth which is the gift of acceptance and self-compassion.


When we manage to love our unique CONtent (who we are and what we made up of) we will be finding true conTENT.


Let me introduce you to EFT’s little brother:

The Emotion code

A great partner to our EFT self-help technique

by Dr Bradly Nelson



Be aware of what you let go of as fulfilment requires ALL OF YOU and requires integration via digestion.

I only apply this with utmost care and consideration and only to move energy on that is not and never has been yours.

Energy that was given to you and you never asked for it, either as projection or overstepping. The wounds left by distracting what is not yours still need attending and time to heal organically.



I have seen things shift in seconds.

And as I have been doing this for decades my ego loved it to be honest and often did it backfire as the healing phase was no longer the focus after the pain resided.





Ask your energy systems ( Kinesiology ) to what is still stuck, rather than play detective in your past.

The energetic release of traumas, emotion out of your past, the womb or even your lineage

(family roots) and people around you downloading their issues on you daily.



it is based on muscle testing (like in Kinesiology) :

  1. Obtain permission to test the bodies energy system
  2. Establish a baseline test
  3. Determine if there is an underlying trapped emotion.
  4. Determine which emotion, it is on an emotional chart
  5. Check if further information
  6. What is needed, if it needs to be narrowed down.
  7. Release trapped emotion that is not yours, return to sender.
  8. Check if the energy or emotion is now all yours to work with or entirely removed.


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