Why everyone can benefit from coaching, even at the top of their game.

Going it on your own…You often don’t recognise the issues that are standing in your way. If you do you don’t necessarily know how to fix them, the result is that somewhere along the way. You stop, growing.

“Doing coaching with Simone opens up a whole other level of awareness giving you an extra set of gifted ears and eyes, ” Steve Jason


Holistic path to retraining triggers.

Overwhelm freezes common sense and makes one feel small and all problems huge. Emotions are signposts and tell us why the body sabotages action.

Lifting you up to a new perspective.


Non-traumatic inner child journey.

Suspend disbelieve for just now. If you could visit the past and genuinely connect with your younger, what could resolve for you in the here and now?

Go beyond the veil with me to find out.


Mentorship to explore the hidden.

Discover the blind spots and patterns that can still hold you back from your TOP GAME, focus, purpose and clarity rocket fuelling your unique mission.

Your own path to more confidence and certainty.


We all have them! But are you aware?

Simple proven processes for instant results, online and offline. Upgrade old habits into new enjoyable and lasting lifestyle choices. Gain tools u can use anywhere.

Tapping into your full potential with ease.

Not quite ready to go deep inside?

Explore ways with me to move your body into vibrating more lifeforce

to aid the digestion of stuck story, energy and breathing patterns

Vibrational Therapy – Yoga on a plate that shakes

Technology developed for space programs, greatly increase levels of muscle contraction by forcing your muscles to contract repeatedly, leaving you with a slight tingle and warm throughout.

Stimulates the lymph flow and circulation
Reinstates balance and coordination
Stimulates the lymph flow and circulation
Aids balance and coordination
Promotes bone density – off-set osteoporosis
Helps warm-up, mobilise and loosen
Can be used in beds and with wheelchair

Swing Stick – Vibrational Power

It’s a very versatile Tool and designed to not only target large muscle groups, but also the fine coordination of muscles in the deeper layers of muscle.It’s easily intergated into traditional yoga.

Warm-up & stretch the muscles
Prevent sprains, muscle pain and injury.
Activation, balance and coordination of core
Improving posture, core, shoulder, neck and arm strength.
An effective way to lose weight
Directs vibration to your upper and lower body
Build extra strength and tone