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Kids are Yoga – aren’t we all kids?…

…some less flexible than others?

Yoga supports families, nurseries, schools,

after schools, children organisations,

with practical yoga tools and more.

Support of the growing Body

Support of the eager Mind

Support to understand Emotions

Support to grow a deeper connection

… so anything becomes a possibility.



“We embrace vulnerabilities, recharge and find new ways of seeing new ways.”


Everyday toolkit delivered by Simone Moir, Yoga therapist, Family Yoga teacher, Kids Yoga teacher and real-life Yogi:

The format taught is designed for your needs, budget and flexible.

A training course to bring you closer together and grow resilience as a team, learning from each other.

Tuition in mini-workshops, blocks of classes, Health days…

Support through additional videos, games, supportive apps and other available tools.



A: Adventure of the body

embodiment and movement practice

strengthen, release and feel at ease


B: Magic of the mind

mindfulness and focus practice

How to empty, fill and re-program



C: Insight of our emotions

breathing the rainbow and weathering well

release, embrace and sooth




We have an initial consultation to design the right approach for your team.


There are so many tools to choose from out of many practises besides Yoga.

The main ones are:

  • Holistic Yoga – body – focus – breath
  • Rainbow Yoga tools kit for kids
  • HeartMath tools
  • Mindfulness and focus tools
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Games, card sets, apps and videos to keep it all going.