Yoga Synergy – upgrade following poses into feeling them


Do you love YouTube yoga and mainstream exercise and are never quite sure if you get it right?

Book 3 weeks that upgrade any future exercise

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What’s Included:

  1. Three In-Depth 1-2-1 session: Dive into yoga’s core:
  • “Memory of the Body”: Decode how habits affect poses.
  • “Power of the Mind”: Boost moves with a 1-min meditation.
  • “Energy in Breath”: Master natural breathing for mind-blowing yoga.
  1. Private Session with Simone: Tailored guidance from a top yoga expert.
  2. Scientific Insights: All teachings are scientifically backed.
  3. Coherent 5D Practice: Elevate your yoga experience.
Classes for all levels
Workshops and Gatherings
CDP – Teacher Training
Kids & Family Yoga