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The Power of Creation

I am a mother of 2 and a yogi mum to 22 kids in Glasgow. I can support you to prepare your body, mind and hormones for a sacred, unforgettable transformation into motherhood.
Learn yoga to build strength in your nervous system, your circulatory system, respiratory system and your endocrine system.
Use yoga to build muscles, align your pelvis and prepare you to carry and nurse your baby with ease.
Use breathing techniques and meditation to find inner calm and connect with your baby.
Find comfortable positions to ease the strain on the back and find good ways to rest deeply.
Learn EFT (check out properly to cope with stress, sleepless nights and self-limiting beliefs.


During your sessions, we will work with the yoga mat, blocks, bolsters and the Swiss ball. Also, we will build your own home practice so you have the tools you need at hand, whenever and where ever you are. All these are essential additions for your entire pregnancy and beyond.
Read on about our helpful tips regarding the last stretch to becoming a family.

Pregnancy “savers” option
10 sessions spread over your time of transformation,
plus extra support – £590


This includes the following:

4 sessions – body for a healthy pregnancy
2 sessions – preparing your body for labour
1 session – mind and spirit preparation for Mum
1 session – partner session for labour
1 session – Reiki or Bodywork
1 session – aftercare for mummy and baby

Benefits of pregnancy yoga

Increases your energy
Keeps you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby and you
Decreases anxiety
Strengthens birthing muscles
Improves sleep
Reduces backache
Improves circulation
Promotes healthy birth


What is your vision for being a mum?

The journey with the baby wrapped up in the best place ever is one step

Having the baby actually out here is the next of many into parenthood.

Fins a good network of support as that is priceless in the first years of parenting.




When I first discovered I was pregnant, all I seemed to hear were pregnancy and labour horror stories. If the truth be told I started to et a bit anxious, especially about the birth.  Then a friend told me about her wonderful birthing experience – she had a home birth without any pain relief and amazingly didn’t need any stitches even although she had a big baby.  When I asked my friend what her secret was, she attributed her easy pregnancy and labour to Simone’s guidance and her daily yoga routine. Worth a shot, I thought.

Simone takes a holistic approach seeking to prepare both the body and mind for pregnancy, labour and motherhood with each session tailored to your specific needs.  For example, within minutes of meeting Simone identified the tension in my neck and shoulders and gave me exercises which successfully eased this pain, which had been reoccurring for years, in a matter of days.  Thereafter we worked together to stretch and strengthen my body ensuring a comfortable and mobile pregnancy throughout, even during the latter stages of my 42 week pregnancy.  Then there was the actual birth.  My partner and I felt prepared; we knew what to expect and had the confidence to manage the process with little input from the midwives until it was time to catch the baby.  I required no stitches, was able to leave the hospital the next day, and took a comparatively short time to recover.

Simone offers more than custom-made yoga routines.  She has a great knowledge of the workings of the body and mind, is an expert in nutrition, practices alternative therapies and has access to a wide network of experts in relevant fields that she generously shares.  I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from my sessions, and would highly recommend Simone to anyone.  I will happily be back for more coaching for baby number 2!

Hari Farzin

A wonderful natural waterbirth story
Throughout my pregnancy, I managed to avoid most of the aches and pains that other pregnant women complained of. I believe my yoga exercises were behind my easy pregnancy and labour. Eilidh Weir, New mother, Glasgow

Attending Simone’s class was the best thing I did after becoming pregnant. Her classes left me feeling challenged and relaxed.
Helena Lawson, New mother, Glasgow  

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