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What is the main ingredient for change towards more ease and joy in life?

ACTION, so Book in NOW for your free 20 min discovery call

where we find out …

  • where you currently are

  • what you wish to change

  • next best steps to take

  • how to best prepare yourself for the journey

If you were to accept my support, together we go to the root, upgrade unhelpful habits and transform awareness, so that you are left empowered and ready for the next phase of your life.


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Stress coaching packages – normal registration form applies

Postural transformation packages – Assessment is via video –  I need the video 24hrs before our session, please contact me to get your assessment plan

All packages are custom made.


Pay for your FIRST LnB Pain-Treatment (£95)

Classes and Workshops

Drop-in-class in Glasgow G3 for mind and joint mobility £15

GIFT-VOUCHER ( x amount)

By contacting me – vouchers are sent out via email for you to print then and there.


Using Yoga in combination with other alternative therapies may increase your risk of feeling

Side-effect may, include but are not limited to:
Sudden and unexplainable happiness, improved relationship with yourself and loved ones, more energy and an overall greater sense of well-being.

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What My Clients Say:​​

Alison Darcy
I have been going to Simone’s beginner yoga classes for a few months now, and now I couldn’t imagine my life without such a healing, positive influence! Simone is a wonderful light and has a wealth of knowledge of her practice, and of nutrition and health, that she shares generously with her clients. She also offers one-to-one sessions if you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, and intuitively guides you back towards the light again with her sensitivity and good humour. I have found her advice and guidance in yoga and well-being to have been a huge help to me, and I would highly recommend her.

Eveleen Greer
If you want depth and intelligence in your yoga practice then Simone is the one for you! her classes are personal and profound. She has a hypnotic ability to help us take stock of our bodies and our mindsets effortlessly delivered in between yoga poses. Every class has a different flavour and invariably leaves you altered. Simone is the real deal. Her passion for self-betterment and growth through yoga and healthy living exudes from her inspiring aura. My favourite Simone quote is “remember to honour yourself every day”. Practising with her is a great way to begin that journey …

Stephen Hardwick
My121yoga was recommended by a friend and has proven to be so valuable over the last year, the only Yoga class that I have gone back repeatedly.
Simone is so generous in both spirit and knowledge, she has armed me with a lifelong understanding of the Yogic application.
Can’t recommend it highly enough. All the stars! ( not to mention high-value rating as classes are purposely kept small to get that personal attention and corrections.