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At the tender age of 12, riddled with pain Simone was fortunate enough to explore Breathing and meditation tools that helped ease the struggles.

Who knew then that yoga will be always the red thread to all highs and lows in her life?

First pursuing a career in Management in the fashion industry allowed her to experience the stresses and responsibilities of leading a team and organising a shop.

It’s easy to burn out working 10 hour days, which took a toll on her sleeping patterns. ENOUGH!

German-born Simone made a U-turn and since has established herself in boney Glasgow in 2002 as one of its top Yoga teachers.

Simone studied the Art of Yoga therapy 1-2-1 with Senior Leaders in the field of yoga Therapy, Indian Gurus as well as the Western Yogi Celebrities.

It is her aspiration to pass on this complex knowledge in a simplified manner and enthuse others with her own passion for Yoga as a rewarding and life-altering experience.

Not stopping there her thirst for growth, personal development and her interest in making life easier and pain-free, she added to her bow several therapies.

Energy medicine to influence the most subtle layer

Breathwork to hone in the powers of the mind

Emotional freedom technique and trauma work to soothe the nervous system and get out of bondage

Pain-Therapy, and postural alignment work for the wear and tear of life


Her sessions offer a unique blend of custom-made yoga, breathwork and focus providing a powerful workout for body, mind and spirit.

YOGA for body, mind and spirit (e-motions and breath)

Simone’s one on one yoga sessions have helped, among others, people with injuries, sportsmen, and those simply looking to improve their fitness and flexibility (see testimonials).

Her unique expertise also makes her much in demand with fellow yoga teachers and professionals in related fields: teaching specialist workshops for qualified yoga instructors at The Chi Centre.

Teaching workshops for doctors at Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital and teaching workshops for physiotherapists at Glasgow’s Homoeopathic hospital.


On the 8th November 2009, Simone was featured in the Sunday Mail. You can read the full article here.


The approachyoga teacher glasgow

Yoga is neither a sport nor a mental attitude

Simone’s approach is first and foremost focused on EMPOWERMENT.

She steers away from the rescue missions! The gift to focus on what works first helps people ground and reach outside their comfort zone into growth.

As her sessions are full of surprises and outside any box and for sure outside the DRAMA-TRIANGLE-BOX into EMPOWERED-DYNAMIC-SPACE


The ‘exercises’ can be a powerful workout for the body, mind and spirit as well as restorative and are for life.

Her tailor-made programs are geared to students capabilities, needs and goals having regard to their lifestyles, experience and spiritual beliefs.

In her professional career, Simone has assisted a great variety of clients to achieve their individual aims through the practice of Yoga, EFT and Bodywork.

She is full of useful tips and knowledge covering the old Chinese energy lines and pressure points, odd grandmother’s recipes and modern bio-rhythm and biofeedback technology.

The person:

My passion for health stems from the experience of having been given a second chance in life.

The most valuable thing we have is our health.
It sometimes has to let us down first for us to realize that Yoga has allowed me to turn my weaknesses into strengths, to transform the chains of habit into the power of discipline, to move me into better balance and learn to trust my instinct. Yoga enriches my life without restricting it.

Becoming a mother had taught me so much and not just about pregnancy first-hand. I know how it is not to sleep for months, still finding

peace of mind. To make healthy food yummy for school lunches and so much more. Most of all how hard it is to fit your daily practise in 🙂
Yoga is not about being good all the time, it’s about living your life making your own choices and feeling good doing so.

I have the best job in the world, where people thank me every day for improving their quality of life.

What could be more fulfilling than ENCOURAGING POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION?

We are all unique and I look forward to helping you to re-shape your future.

“If a man happens to find himself, he has a mansion which he can inhabit with dignity all the days of his life.”
James A. Michener quotes U.S. novelist

Simone teaches how to:

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