What if your pain is caused by…

not using muscles quite right so joints wear and nerves complain?
Quick pushing things in line might not cut it, looking at your way you move is the long-term solution to great movement-related health

1. In Acute Pain?

A Nerve sends an alarm to the brain to stop doing what you are doing.

It can range from a fairly dull and persistent pain, from a headache as far as to excruciating, such as sciatica or a frozen shoulder.

Let’s make it history and extract the learning of new ways of using our body.

2. Body Needs Attention?

Urgent Maintenance might be required as your personal MOT has been pushed back too long.

Are you ‘Creaking and groaning’ at times, but largely ignore it? Could you do with losing some pounds, gaining some muscle and flexibility?

New range of moments benefits your memory as much as your joints.

3. Got No Energy?

Wondering what is draining your life force. Have you un-learned how to breathe generously?

Want to learn effective ‘On the go tricks’ and tips to re-learn the cheapest way to increase well being and energy?

New habits strengthen all your systems.

4. Feeding Inflammation?

Experiencing sluggishness & tiredness.

Are you still kidding yourself on and trying to escape the truth? Invite a bit more awareness and sensibility – balance & joy into your day is the key to growth and wellbeing.

Upgrade cheap and nasty to a fine delight.