You are never too young, too old or too special to get started with Yoga 🙂
Yoga is for the WHOLE family.


What do teenagers and their parents often share?


 Great tips for Parents of teens
The Universal Laws to stay sane:

1 “Law of Belonging”:
The greatest need of teenagers (after music and the phone) is a strong sense of belonging. Like trying to cuddle a hedgehog.

They need to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Testing the bond is often the No. 1 past time.

If they don’t get it in a healthy place – with family, worthwhile friends, clubs, sports, youth groups, etc.

Guess what? They will get it in an unhealthy place – with inappropriate friends, drugs, gangs or cults.

There is actually a well-researched formula 🙂 at last, yet how will you get your teenager to follow that?

Teaching by living the example, are YOU up for a change, what’s good for your kid is also great for you, no joke?

Maybe this video help you get a kick start …..



Does not have to be the most challenging stage of a woman’s glasgow fitness , weight loss expert, Yoga for Menopause
We can feel the shift into the new physically, mental, emotionally even spiritually.
Every day becomes an adventure when your raging hormones take over.
Days when we feel anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed can seem endless.

Take the holistic approach, if you want to be in control and manage your menopause symptoms naturally. On your terms.

The big Three Cortisol – Oestrogen – Thyroid or The battle of the Giants:
“It’s not you, it’s your hormones speaking”, they do play havoc with your happiness, body and balance.

Mood swings, Insomnia, Night sweats, dizziness,   headaches Vaginal dryness, depression, gain in abdominal fat can strike at a moments notice.

The transition from perimenopause to menopause can take any number of years and, again, is different for every woman.

Yoga has great tools:
Hot flashes whether mild or severe can wreak havoc in our daily lives.,
Yoga, cooling Breathing techniques seem to ease and manage hot flushes quite effectively.

Headaches or migraines can be managed by jaw and neck release
Yoga, Pranayama, EFT, release technique, Bars body work.
Bone health can also be impacted by menopause, I work with a vibrational Therapy tool.

Detox and nutritional supplements – whole foods

Yoga for the golden years

Feeling like you might get a wee bit rusty?never too old

“Being too stiff, too stressed or too old to do Yoga is like being too filthy to have a wash.”


My oldest client has been 91 years of age.

John has been known all his life to be apprehensive. Apprehensive No More!

He loves going to the tea dances and is proud to show off his laced shiny shoes, being the only one his age that can tie them without problems.

Apparently ‘ It works well with the ladies’ he has the time of his life.


What better time to start looking after yourself?best fitness and weight loss for all ages

Isn’t the best time to look after yourself is when life allows you space to breathe?
Now is the time to enjoy your hiking, Golf, Holidays, get-togethers…

There are no 2 people the same that is why we base your yoga program on what still works.

Creating movement within your comfort zone allows the nervous system to relax.

Guess what? Yep when the tension goes down, so does the stiffness.

It’s like a little oil can for the joints we use a healthy range of movement or re-establish it to allow hydration and circulation, which brings nutrients to all the bits that forgot their purpose.

Feel great and invest in your future by looking after No.1 with personal yoga classes – designed for your pleasure.

Yoga for Yummy Mummies in Glasgow

Wishing someone would be giving you a time out for once?


It’s your hour where you can learn how to look after yourself better or just collapse and be looked after with a zen-body-energy massage.

I have a way to send you back home 6 ft tall, recharged and bulletproof.


Better than a Candy store to get your sparkle back:

Personalised yoga therapy: looking after and maintaining your unique body with all its challenges

physical re-build, support and re-connect. incl. unique Pelvic floor recovery

Time-saving tips: mini-practices, literally while boiling the kettle.

Yoga for sanity: mini-breaks in the day- powerful breathwork, mindfulness.

EFT a heaven sent when life gets you in a tangle, the self-help energy psychology  ( emotional freedom technique ).

Zen-body-energy massage: Reiki as a blend with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Meridian-based energy work.

Tantric tips and good old common sense approach from the ancient yoga scriptures, to bring life into perspective and ad passion back.

Shrink the common moans and groans by focusing on what nurtures you deep inside.


Support your new body:

Yoga personal training: strengthen, tone and stretch like never before a bang for your buck yoga regime.

Hormone balance

Pelvic floor recovery

Jade egg (secrets from the east)

After Pregnancy weight loss: Experience the transformational 10-day cleanse for speedy cellular recovery

What you feed grows!

Grow together into an unbeatable family unit with space for fun laughter and passion for life.

1-2-1 and Yoga Classes with your whole family:


You are a great parent….

Otherwise, you would not be on this page

Let’s ride the developmental waves of the offspring in solidarity and establish fuelling stations, breaks and support for each other.

Who is no 1? YOU!

I am not one that can preach to you how to parent!

I have learned in my own little world that the books written seldom fit my kids (they are special – so are most ;)There is a great theory and there is life.


“How do you want to play the parent game?”

Yoga helps NO DOUBT.

Breathe, ground and connect deeply.



I have had like most a great list by the time I was 5 month pregnant. The cornerstones on how I will parent this little growing bundle of love ever so were clear to me…

Hand on aching my heart, by the 1st birthday I have violated all my do’s and dont’s, torn my hair out, bribed and watched my No’s melt to many “Please, Mami”s.


“Any parent deserves a medal that has not sold their child.”


All you ever need to do is love and respect them.

All else is a bonus, so give yourself credit for the countless single acts of loving kindness that you do day-by-day.


You are raising a child, a new human, the one who holds the future in their tiny hands.

Hurt people – Hurt people

Loved People – Love people

Uber – Human parents don’t raise Uber – humas kids…

those kids are often affraid to make a mistake, without mistakes there is no growth, no evolution. Surrender your EGO.



Vulnerability is  a strength – not a weakness.

Let’s show our kids when we don’t cope, so we’ll teach them to listen in or to reach out and learn new tricks.

NO extra charge until the age of 16 if you bring your child to your 121 session
Kids learn by example.
It is our duty to not hold them back it.
They are the future, we are nearly the past.





Yoga at your child’s nursery or school:


Children are truly gifted.
They can do pretty much anything in their minds.
As they are not conditioned with limited thinking yet.
We can learn so much from our little ones.

Finally, quantum physics PROVES that WE attract what we get in life, these are crucial lessons for the development of the next generation.
The secret to life – maybe something our kids can teach us this one

Read on for the special child …….


Yoga in nurseries and schools
Seton House Nursery in Dennistoun since 2008:

Options for organising yoga schools and nurseries for kids and staff in the East end area

Every child is a blessing and if we can not see it that way it is our shortcomings not theirs!

Now in Glasgow’s west end