LnB – The End Of Suffering From Arthritis & Co

 What is LNB Pain Therapy, and why is it more effective than chiro and physio?

There is an understanding, that it takes more than a little magic to stop the pain.

Pain is the language of the body.

It is the body’s warning to protect our musculoskeletal system, which helps to avoid bigger damages to the body.

When we know, that we can stop the process of damage and the joint, including the cartilage, can recover, you can avoid decline and even surgeries.

I am a fully qualified Liebscher and Bracht Pain Specialist. This system has been 90% successfully used with:

Head to toe solution

From headaches, migraines, stiff-necked, teeth grinding,

over shoulder-arm syndrome, frozen shoulder, tendinitis,  pain and arthritis in the fingers and thumb base joint,

back pain, Pregnancy pain in the pelvic, sciatic pain syndrome, hip joint, knee pain, runners tibia, pain in the foot and toes and more…

What does an LnB-SESSION look like?

We schedule a complimentary 20 min assessment call prior your first session and after-support is included as it’s a change that takes place within you.

Normally 3-5 therapy sessions for a single problem are recommended.

1. Pressing the so-called osteo-pressure points (pressure points on the bones) the LNB therapist is able to release even the most chronic and persistent pain from its deadlocked state.

2. Implementing regular ‘Constriction Point Stretching’ in their daily routine long-term success can be achieved. That prevents new incidents of pain and preserves and reprograms the musculoskeletal system well into old age.

3. Fascia-release addresses the stress held in the fascia so that hydration and detoxification of the former stuck places can be taken on once more.

STAYING IN TOUCH  – Important to share and stay in contact, muscle aches, bruising and generally feeling having been worked on is normal. Questions to the movement therapy are normal to arise. The 1st session is a lot to take in so make sure you clarify and get the support included in your session.

By practising these personalised myofascial programmes, wear and tear is minimised and pain is dramatically reduced over the long term.

Exercises have to be done at home 6-days a week for 15 min to stay pain-free when structure settles exercises can be more spread.

The goal of a lasting successful pain therapy must focus on the cause of the problem. Therefore “homework” is 3 or 4 short exercises that are based on the patient ’s individual problem. You can almost immediately feel less pain and more mobility, which will motivate you to improved self-care.

What is it the Background to this Pain Method?

Used since 2010 in the Premier Teams and was only available to a few fortunate – Until Now.

It’s about a new, practically unknown approach, which can substantially reduce over 90% of current widespread pain in the first session.

The Founders Roland Liebscher-Bracht and Dr. Petra Bracht, M.D., discovered that most pain is not caused by injuries such as osteoarthritis, disc injuries, calcification or inflammation as previously assumed, but are simply warning pains. This revolutionary theory is in contradiction to the mainstream thinking which says that pain is the result of structural damage. This concept makes a big difference in the way the problem is analysed and treated.


Book in for your Free Phone Consultation now by dropping me an email simone.moir@my121yoga.com or a text on 07789 813481

This 7 Day back pain challenge covers:
7- day free back pain challenge, free video series to avoid and eleminate back, pain www.pain-therapy.co.uk, Simone Moir

Day 1 Thighs, Psoas & Chest
Day 2 Hamstrings, Calves & Hips
Day 3 Side stretch, Lats & Shoulders
Day 4 Add more Shoulders & Neck
Day 5 Twist, Waist, Core & Shoulders
Day 6 Add more Shoulders & Neck
Day 7 Bringing it all together
delivering a unique solution so the busiest person runs out of excuses
You can also indulge and go 2 min each pose



New classes starting on the 1st of April -6.May 2019

And where best to do it?

The central Gurdwara on Berkley Street. Yes!
If you have not been in there – well, it’s about time.

Let’s look a bit better after our physical body that houses our spirit.

I am starting with a set of 6 classes

Monday’s 18.30-19.30
Going from head to toe to all our joints

explore mindfully our ability and get rid of some cobwebs

All levels welcome. and when I say ALL
I mean it.
Chair options are given
Bring your own Yoga Mat

A class with a plan – a 6-week plan

get you unstuck and moving into all the forgotten spaces safe and effectively

1sr week – 1.4. Head and Neck – incl. tension headaches

2nd week – 8.4. Shoulders and Hands – incl. carpal tunnel

3rd week – 15.4. Upper Back – incl. chest openers

4th week – 22.4. Lower Back – incl. effective core exercises

5th week – 29.4. Hips and Knees – incl. desk stretches

6th week – 6.5. Feet and Posture – well, it’s mind blowing



Training for Personal Trainers

A great addition to any PT business

Make you stand aside from the others

Keep you and your clients happy and healthy

Reduces injuries work joint friendly

Give you more confidence


A unique opportunity to learn about effective stretching from Simone Moir
LnB Pain therapist and Yoga therapist with over 22 years of experience



For a limited time only:

Taster session of 20 min for £30

A full treatment lasts 60min and is charged at £95 per session.

Purchase a Fascia role set via Amazon for your home practice

£50 excl. shipment from Germany including shipping to the U.K.

3rd part of the LnB Pain Therapy system

What is in a Fascia role-set as?

VIDEO 3 most common mistakes when rolling Fascia

⭐ The big Medi-Fascia role with the magical grove ( my favourite for the spine)
⭐ The small  Mini-Fascia role get’s right into there ( my favourite for between the ribs )
⭐ The big Medi-Fascia ball ( My favourite for tangled muscle release in my shoulders)
⭐ The small Mini-Fascia ball (always finds the right spot)
⭐ Unfortunately, for now, the DVD is only available in German


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UK, G14 9AL, Glasgow