Fascia, Flexibility & Bounce

Should You Stretch when in Acute pain?

Yes! Stretch and role, if you know how

I use the Special “LnB-daily Pain Protocol” follow-up exercises which support muscle, ligaments, and fascia, and finally, allow the body to return back into its original muscular balance.

Pain according to Liebscher und Bracht is a warning signal

of our “inner wisdom” and not due to arthritis, degeneration, calcifications or inflammation. Proof of this theory is that the pain almost immediately disappears through applied pressure on nerve receptors where tendons are connected to bones. These receptors are also responsible for monitoring the mechanical structure and in case of tightness or tension, they send out pain signals as a warning to us, to correct the unbalanced situation and to protect further damage.

 … and when you are Pain-free…


The secrets to becoming more flexible?best fitness weight loss yoga classes

A: Let go of ego and competition, become curious.
B: Breathe, relax and then release.
C: Find your personal range of movement.
D: Explore and find the right alignment.
E: Connect to as many muscles, tissues as possible.
F: Learn to recruit lazy areas in your daily life.
G: Key point: be oxygenated and hydrated.

I assist you in One to One yoga classes in Glasgow to choose yoga poses that suit your built, strengths and weaknesses:

I know well over 5.000 poses and variations and will combine the right ones for YOU.best fitness weightloss yoga classes in glasgow
There are many ways of stretching a particular muscle it needs to feel right!

Yoga uses the science of letting your muscle grow long. Rather than pulling a muscle long till it tingles (= minor rips make the muscle shorter, as soon as you stop stretching regularly).
Yoga is not a painful contortion to show off.
We don’t reach from the fingertips and toes, we always move from our core.
Flexibility and healthy range of movement is a sign of general good health of bone and muscle and all bodily systems.

How about adjusting?

The posture should be fine-tuned so you can get the full range of the stretching muscle rather than just a sliver or part of it.
Be focused and breath through the effort, feel where you move connection is the key.
Build a good support network all around and inside your body. Use more muscles to do the job so you do not strain any joints.
Mix it up isotonic, isometric, passive work go easy on momentum.
Flexibility is Connection a mix of believing in yourself as much as perfectly orchestrated use of muscle.

Momentum, pulsating or thriving is the state where your brain is learning the least and most damage is done.

NEW: CPD POWER STRETCH Training for Personal trainers

A great addition to any PT business

  • Make you stand aside from the others
  • Keep you and your clients happy and healthy
  • Reduces injuries work joint friendly
  • Give you more confidence

A unique opportunity to learn about effective stretching from Simone Moir

LnB Pain therapist and Yoga therapist with over 22 years of experience

What a personalised Yoga regime has to offer someone serious about their sports:

Minimize Performance Nerves

Prevent Injury improve Muscle recruitmentsports yoga

Maximize Respiratory & cardiovascular Strength

Increase Movement Efficiency

Laser focus Visualisation

Mind over matter with mindfulness and meditation

Maximize Agility &  Optimise ROM

Complement Balance &  Flexibility

Enhance Proprioception

Increase Control of Dynamic Movement

Strengthen Functional Mobility and Stability

Augment Athlete Preparation

Intensify Recovery, Magnify Relaxation

With a team of experts on my side bringing your team to the leading edge with the new 10-Day athletes’ transformation NEW in the UK in 2015 and presented by Purium. ( WADA certified ) Masteramino acids are essential for the optimisation of your muscle functions, joint flex is an ideal support for all joints. ( Contact me)

Athletes -Yoga customised for any sports

do it this wayWhy doing it right is so crucial when you are on top of your game?

Raise Your Game
Sports Yoga techniques and programs are designed to enhance structural fitness and maximize athletic performance. Yoga corrects postural imbalance, improves mobility and stability, breathing and focus. It maximizes your performance potential – providing the missing link in strength and conditioning training.


Most importantly: it gets results.

do it not like thisI tailor programs to an individual athlete’s needs.

To maximize performance I look first at individual biomechanics, then the demands of the specific sport, before developing the right
Sport-Specific Yoga techniques and program.
Every Second Counts!

Yoga 121 can be customised for any sports in Glasgow

if you interested in a team or group event please contact me directly


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