Time To Time Travel With Me?


Is your inner child even being seen to be cared for by you?

Your Inner Child is the echo of the child you once were, the emotional anchor that keeps you from moving forwards.

I teach you how to go back in time and be the friend this child never had.

You are the ONE that understands better than any therapist ever could and is able to authentically relate with true love and compassion.

This 8 step structure is guidance only as we always prioritise what’s present first

Embark your journey beyond time and space:

This course will leave you feeling connected, soothed and empowered to allow your past to be infused with compassion, and loving kindness.

  1. Meet your inner child – the most valuable journey you might ever take
  2. Nurturing build credibility — show up to re-write history
  3. Anatomy of trust — allowing the child to speak freely
  4. Inner Child Baggage — Recognizing & Healing Self-Destructive Thoughts
  5. Transforming Fear — Inner Child Cries for Love and understanding
  6. Stop, Look & Listen — Paying Attention to Who Is in Charge
  7. Healing Relationships — Seeing Through the Inner Child to Light Essence
  8. Simple, Uncomplicated Love — Expanding Your Identity to Being Love

The 8-week journey includes personalised meditations and journey links and unlimited WhatsApp or email support for questions regarding our sessions.

£ 595 for an unforgettable 8-weeks experience

I signed up to the 8-week course to parent my inner child.
After our first session I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders, I laid in bed a day or so after and I felt like I was laying on a bed of feathers, I feel like I’m healing years of internal e has given me the tools to recognise my own strength and made realise that I can be happy and in control and that’s a pretty special gift to be able to give to others. Turmoil and doing this course has changed my life in the most positive way.  For anyone who wants to work on parenting their inner child or EFT, I’m so grateful I found her at the right time of my life.

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All you need is to suspend your disbelieve and come with an open mind.