Without support the right tools, a growth mindset and solid foundation, the path to becoming an inspirational yoga coach can feel overwhelming, uncertain and frustrating.

These uniquely blended programs will empower you with the tools outside the box to grow and believe in yourself and your gifts as a teacher.

WE can put fertile ground under your feet to grow YOUR OWN YOGA STYLE, with your experience and life story to attract the business of your dreams.

Yoga Coach Blueprint
3 component glue of a solid foundation
10.March.2021 £397

Are you a yoga teacher in search to establish your foundation to teach with confidence, safely and effectively online now?

Mentors Gold Class  Integrate this blueprint to gain a solid foundation to grow from so that your new-found confidence and earned expertise is leading your client safely past pitfalls to transformational ‘aha’ moments, leaving both of you confident, empowered and inspired.

This system consists of 3 stand-alone courses, covering the foundation of Body – Mind – Spirit like no other. We are starting off by “Lifting the veil” – to harness the guidance, grounding and gifts of the unseen aspect of yoga.


7-week Yoga Therapy journey
21.May 2021 £597

Are you a committed yoga teacher ready to dive deeper into the art of energy, emotions and customised asanas?

Yoga Therapy 101 a system to integrate meridians and other unseen aspects of yoga with ease, to meet imbalances in an empowering way, exploring subtleties so you enrich your creative and intuitive skills while experiencing transformation in action.

If a full 3 year Yoga therapy course is not for you just now,  enrich your practice with these integrative tools to weave emotions, energy and mindset into your asana practice. The essence of yoga therapy, in a nutshell, will leave you inspired and energises your yoga path forever.


COVID-19 UPDATE Approved for 100% Online Education by Yoga Alliance Professionals


My yoga journey began in my teens, I began to gain insights into the power of meditation, guidance and mind over matter practice, that let me from surviving to thriving.
Before that even, I always remember having perceived people’s energy bodies and was never alone and always companied by amazing insights.
In my 20’s I developed my physical body through movement practises like Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, which catered well to love of structure, my determination and will power.

My 30’s humbled me, by becoming a mother of two boys and experiencing ruin and heartache. This was my calling to bring body, mind and emotions together in my Yoga 1-2-1 practises and teachings and my experience with authentic feelings, loving boundaries and tribal support great deep and wild.
It felt like the whole world was downloading their emotions through me, being an empath, I had to really build my energetic fort knocks sanctuary. My children and Partner gift me such great lessons, joy and questions, that philosophy and thinking outside the norm has found a foundation in my new and complete family.
In my early 40’s I met new health challenges, that could have left me crippled, but made me stronger and equipped me with great Pain Therapy tools that have been a blessing in disguise. I have met truly inspirational teachers and mentors throughout my life.
Now it’s time to share what I have learned on this amazing journey, paved with gifts.