A testimonial to my clients

I am always amazed by how each and every one of you adapts to yoga, the philosophy as much as the practice.

How you create yoga space, physically at home and organisationally in your busy day.
How you work with me around your challenges, hernia, injuries and emotional wounds
How you build trust with me beyond any professional expectation
How you fall in love with the sensations yoga evokes in your body and mind
How you make it a priority showing up here on time, some of you walk out of meetings, stating your boundaries
How you never fail to throw me mall challenge, which we both enjoyed.
How you claim you mini pauses throughout the day to remember to breathe.

How you embrace the idea that you are good enough.

Thank you for inviting me on your very personal journey, it’s an honour and pleasure working with you.

Namaste, Simone Moir

What my clients have experienced

Király Dóra (Maths Student of University Stirling)

The testimonial below is from one year ago – enjoy the video testimonial update

When I was looking for a yoga teacher, I knew I needed someone who can offer more than an ordinary, fitness-like yoga class. Simone’s lessons are absolutely the best I can imagine. Everyone gets enough attention, no two classes are the same and they always match our needs. She helps us to get stronger and more flexible not just physically but also mentally.
A few months later I started having 121 sessions with Simone because I had an emotionally challenging period and I needed someone to help me learn how to cope. She proved to be a lot better than any conventional therapy I have ever received. She has a special ability to understand me even when I cannot express myself properly. Also, she can always find an approach that helps and perfectly fits me.
I am very lucky that I found Simone and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. If you have not been passionate about yoga yet, you will be.


Christine McNeish

Simone has helped me learn to be aware of my body and the benefits of mindful breathing and good posture and to use yoga to feel better emotionally and physically. She recognises clients’ feelings and limitations and suggests specific advice to that client. She is an inspiring yoga teacher.

Edward Carr

A really knowledgeable and dedicated yoga instructor who developed a series of bespoke stretches and poses combined with breathing techniques for my needs. . I can really recommend Simone for her approach and innovative application of her deep knowledge in one to one tuition.  I never feel that I practise enough and even that was something Simone discovered as a pattern – I do practise, I do what I can and yes, Simone, i notice the changes. Thank you. Simone

Kelly-Marie Percival

I have been seeing Simone for a few months and I cannot express how much the techniques she has shared with me have helped me in my day to day life. Moving to a new city, starting a new job and dealing with the stuff life throws at us can sometimes get on top of the best of us. Having regular sessions has helped me to keep on top of the negative emotions and my time with Simone is something I really look forward too as I always come out feeling more centred with an action plan for when it all bubbles and new skills to keep negativity at bay.
I have also participated in group breathing sessions, this was a great experience and I would highly recommend. Lovely diverse group of people in a lovely cosy setting 🙂

Zeeshan A.

Simone is a deeply authentic and intuitive coach. A rare and beautiful gem.

Shereen Nanjiani, Journalist

I started going to Simone because years of high impact aerobics and weight training had considerably reduced my flexibility and I was always getting injured. Ashtanga has actually made me fitter and less prone to injury. What I hadn’t expected were the overall benefits to my health and well being.

As a long-time sufferer of chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I couldn’t believe how quickly my symptoms disappeared after a session of My One on One yoga therapy. She has now given me a “self-help plan” to do at home. A dose of the flu was also made a lot more bearable after an intensive session. I have a very stressful job and I think I’m coping with it much better since I’ve started seeing Simone.

Friends are telling me that I look less stressed and seem much calmer. So it must be working!

Rachel Lochhead

When I first came to see Simone, I was struggling with anxiety and sleep problems. Now around 6 months on, she has taught me how to stay in control of my emotions and has given me exercises that I enjoy practising at home! No session is ever the same as the last, they are tailor-made to suit your needs best. Overall, I couldn’t recommend at better 1 2 1 yoga class or teacher! Highly recommend.

Martin Forry

Top-notch instructor and pain therapist… Also seems to know how fix shin splints!!! Thank good cos I thought I was perishing!!!

Alice Ferguson

Amazing instructor, was so good seeing all the new things I can do daily in the comfort of my own home. I practice after the classes. I love the yoga classes, would definitely recommend this 1 2 1 yoga to anyone 😀 massive thumbs up 👍
Means a lot to Alice

Manjit Saggu

Simone has the ability to “stretch” you mentally and physically while making it fun and not seem like hard work. Highly recommended.

Michael Cassidy

Simone takes a holistic whole-body approach to healing – e.g mind and body. She knows the science and neuroscience behind a lot of her techniques which means she can get to the root of problems and help you understand them as well. Simone is an insightful and intuitive healer who tailors her sessions accordingly e.g if you cannot do typical yoga postures, Simone will work to improve your breathing in a deeper way.

Hilary Kane

A truly bespoke and holistic service. Simone introduced me to yoga-based exercise when I was a youngish gym bunny with a bad back, then helped me fall in love with yoga in both 1 to 1 session and her small classes and workshops. She has also successfully rehab’d various sports injuries and after surgery. Add to that her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and enthusiasm for using various techniques outside the world of yoga to get you the results you want, and she really is a unique resource we are very lucky to have in Glasgow.


holistic coachingSheila Barry, Teacher, Clydebank

I have known and worked with Simone for 12 years, through some of the most difficult times of my life – both physically and emotionally.  She was recommended to me by a nurse when I was 19 and going through some challenging health problems.  I was sceptical of what good it would do but I gave it a go in the hope it might relieve some of my symptoms and have worked with her 1-2-1 and in small classes ever since.  I am in no way saying people should turn their back on modern medicine, sometimes it is what you need and sometimes I need a lot of it, but Simone has done as much (if not more) good for me than any pill I have taken (and without any nasty side effects).  Yoga with Simone is like no other yoga class you will have likely experienced.  Despite some weeks sweating as much as I would do at the gym, her classes are for your soul as well as your body.   I learned quickly that she is very intuitive (or a mind reader) and each class feels as if it has been tailor-made just for you.  No matter how knackered or grumpy or busy I am on a Monday night, no matter how comfy the couch is or how wet and miserable it is outside, I force myself out to one of Simone’s classes every week because I know I am going to feel 110% better after it.


Guy Cowan / Restauracowan-stress-management-testimonialnteur Glasgow Merchant City

Yoga with Simone has brought several positive changes to my life; I breathe so much more deeply, I’ve learned to relax and be calm, my flexibility and suppleness increased tenfold and my timekeeping (believe it or not) has improved considerably. Running two busy kitchens and coping with the trials of operating a small business has me under constant stress, after an hour with Simone I feel revitalised and ready for the week ahead. My back and tight hamstrings are thanking her and my sleep got so much better.
Image result for patti penn pause in joy

Patti Penn, Yoga nd EFT Healer and inspirational Visionary, Hollywood

I studied yoga in Miami for a couple of years with different instructors but did not fully understand the impact it could make on my body and focus until I met Simone. My One on One sessions with Simone took me to a higher level working closely with my breathing technique and understanding what parts of my body needed work and when. I found that many instructors of yoga where excellent at the practice but not at explaining the why and how this is Simone’s strength in engaging pupils of all levels to ensure they understand the practice and how it can work with each individuals body. Simone changed my Astanga practice forever, wherever I travel I am hard pushed to find someone of her high stature and degree. She taught me so much more than people’s perception of “just yoga”. We did our Reiki Master training together and that set me off on my own healing path. Simone is truly a mind, body and soul Master who understands with absolute simplicity the concept of balance in all aspect of life. I highly recommend Simone as a teacher of principle and creativity as she knows how to get results fast. Thank you Simmone for inspiring me on my path.

Love and light Patti”

KevinConnelyKevin Connely, Personal Trainer 

Nearly 15 years ago at Greens Gym our paths crossed  I worked as an instructor. I knew I was well too stiff for this Yoga! Simone encouraged me.
I remember her saying: Being too stiff for yoga is like being too filthy to have a wash
I admit I have fallen off the yoga wagon a few times and I certainly know the difference.
Last year I got a wake-up call. After a terrible fall leaving me with 2 broken knees, terrible pain and little support on the NHS Physio front.
No sport no golf no fun – this was getting to me on all levels. Having worked weekly with Simone again the progress was remarkable.
Yes, we rehabbed and strengthened the knees, but what I did not expect was amazing. 
My bad back and neck settled completely, Decades of bad posture, being a tall lad in Scotland takes it’s toll.
I am a keen Golfer and by now all my mates can’t deny remarkable improvement. I feel great after my home routine – good knackered to be precise.
I can’t believe I say: The Yoga approach does make sense to me and therefore motivates me to practise regularly.
My feet were a sorry side, with the top of them so tight that the toes lifted and I needed to get bigger shoes to compensate.
they are actually brand new now – really no joke, I m back in my old shoes, lost a hell of a lot of weight I put on not moving and
I feel agiler than in the last 2 decades. I am on the Yoga wagon now and I have buckled my seatbelt for good.

Raz Cook, Mother of 4 and health entrepreneur, Glasgow

I met Simone 2 years ago when she moved to my neighbourhood. Having our children at the same School we quickly became firm friends. Simone picked up that I wanted to improve, my self-esteem and well being and invited me to join her yoga classes. Having only experienced Bikram practice I was in for a pleasant surprise. She didn’t just tell us what to do she talked to us, explained postures, how they would benefit us and why. Nurturing and educational but also fun, I would leave her class glowing! Then, 18 months ago I suffered a hugely traumatic experience which also brought back memories of previous traumas I hadn’t dealt with. I was plunged into a deep depression and saw no way out. Simone immediately knew what to do and we embarked on a journey of a lifetime. Through regular EFT I let go of past pain and trauma. I gained self-belief and self-worth. Two things I never thought I could achieve. As my self-belief and confidence increased, my mental health improved and I began to enjoy life again. Through Simone’s vast knowledge of nutrition, I now eat wiser and even grow my own budget superfoods! She taught me how to keep my own Kombucha and I sprout my own superfoods. She is always practical and honest. Giving advice when needed and space to grow confidence. Since knowing her I am healthier in my body and mind. My confidence has grown and I now know how to embrace life not hide from it.

Eva Fernandes, Artist, Glasgow


I started doing yoga two years ago now. Before I started I was a bit sceptical about yoga and I thought it wasn’t for me because I’m a very dynamic person and I thought yoga was going to be very

relaxing and slow for me. I was wrong! After a few months of doing yoga, I started noticing the improvements in my breathing and in my body shape, strength and posture. But what really struck me was how my level of concentration and memory started improving as well. I felt also I could think clearer and started living in a less frenzy but a more relax and balanced way. Besides that, I really like the way the Simone teaches yoga. It is not only about doing fancy postures and copy what she is doing. Simone explains to you the reason for every single exercise, how to do it properly and the benefits of it. Furthermore, even though I attend to the group classes rather than the 1-2-1 you feel how you feel cared about and being watched all the time. I feel that the money spent in the yoga classes with Simone are the best investment I have ever done in myself.’
I’m still thinking about the detox!!!

Lord Robert Ross, Arabella, Nigg station, Highlands and Islands


I began this journey with little expectation and open to whatever would come out of it. The last 3 years have been a very challenging time with my health, a long treatment of chemotherapy, which pushed me to the very edge of my emotional and physical strength, and on more than one occasion I wanted the world to stop and for me to get off. I started by joining a Gym, which is where I was introduced to Simone and the Yoga Detox. It initially concerned me so I spoke to her, all of my concerns dissolved with one comment “you’re in safe hands”, so very true the Detox was easier than I expected and Simone’s manner is so genuine and encouraging, you know you’re going to complete it. The group was small and everyone in the room was so very welcoming and friendly.
It is now four weeks on, I still follow the advice given and have remained within a very organic and fresh way of living. For the first time in 3 years, I am no longer constantly fatigued, my morning depression is becoming less and less, my desire to get on with my life is infectious and my weight has dropped substantially.
There is a great saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” I want to personally thank Simone for supporting me, no matter how stupid the questions have been. I would recommend highly everyone doing this at least once in their lifetime. If nothing else you will have met a very positive and supportive person.

Tracey Lang Owner, 1 Property Services Ltd, Glasgow

Before I met this woman my head was not connected to my shoulders and my body did not know what a healthy breath was. She reconnected me and helped me get back to what I should be. A strong, confident woman and behind every strong woman is another strong woman, Simone thank you x After 13 years of back pain (due to a car crash), doctors and chiropractors I met Simone and what a life-changing meeting that turned out to be.

Gillian King, Non-Executive Director

Simone is an amazing 1-2-1 yoga teacher who combines yoga with energy work to enable a greater understanding of, and a deeper connection with, your own body. The benefits of that are many, with increased health and well-being, being very much at the forefront. The 1-2-1 aspect means that the sessions are entirely specific and tailored to my needs. Each session is varied and interesting and as I discover more about yoga and the benefits each pose can bring, my fascination with the topic and the discipline continues to grow. Under Simone’s patient and careful tutelage, I have come an extremely long way, but the beauty of yoga and working with Simone is that I know there is much more I can do and need to learn. I am complete yoga convert but that is entirely down to my talented teacher! It has been a truly amazing experience and one I would heartily recommend to anyone.

Simone has been part of my exercise regime for many years and her contribution to my fitness and well being has been immeasurable. Simone’s yoga has increased my flexibility and improved my posture and her advice on diet and nutrition has greatly influenced my way of life in a positive way.
Simone’s one on one sessions are unique and have to be experienced to appreciate their true value – give them a go, you won’t regret it!

Fiona Mc Bean
I have been attending Simone’s classes for a number of years now. I had previously tried yoga at the gym but found the classes too big, competitive and lacked explanation. Simone’s classes are completely different with small class sizes and thorough explanations. Simone makes sure that each person in the class is doing poses correctly and using the correct muscles by checking that we feel the stretch in the correct place. I feel that I am learning and developing and know that I am doing poses safely. Simone is clear that yoga is not a competition and that everyone is different so tells you not to compare yourself with others in the class.
I am more flexible than I was, have learned proper breathing techniques and I no longer walk about with my shoulders up to my ears.
Other testimonies talk about more than the yoga but for me it is all about the professional and personal yoga guidance and instruction and that is what gets me out of the door of an evening – I always feel better after class.

Marion Campbel, Teacher, Glasgow

After a terrible accident left me bereaved, I tried to reach out in many directions for a therapy that would help me to heal a little. Eventually, a friend suggests yoga and so I went online and very luckily (or fatefully) found 121 yoga. I liked what I read and bravely dialled the number before I lost my nerve. Simone answered the phone and I knew straight away that she could help me. Her voice was kind and she seemed to understand that I was in a very complex place in my life. Feeling much calmer, I attended my first yoga class just a few days later. That was 2 years ago. I immediately benefited from Simone”s compassionate, holistic, and no-nonsense approach. Simone does not just do yoga, she lives and breathes it! I soon felt very much part of a very special community of lovely people who all seemed to have a healthy and gentle outlook to life. These are the kind of people Simone gathers around her. Since then, yoga has made me fit, toned and healthy in body as well as in mind.
Given my circumstances, with the best will in the world, I still suffer the occasional bout of immense sadness, with all the negative impact that it carries with it. It is such a comfort to know that Simone can help. She is just a phone call or e-mail message away, and her 121 is generously bestowed, as well as unbelievably brilliant value for money should you wish to book a tailored session. The episodes of sadness which used to be a blight on my life are becoming less and less as I am guided back towards what seems to be a wonderful light of friendship and support. To provide an example: just a fortnight ago, following the sad death of my brother’s partner, my right shoulder and neck went into an all too familiar painful spasm. This pain, always following any stressful experience, used to have me literally rolling on the floor in agony. This time I was able to call Simone. Within half an hour I was sitting in her studio while she quietly talked me down from what to me was a hazardous ledge of pain. Usually, this pain would last for days, and in anticipation of this, I would rearrange my schedule around it. This time, to my absolute amazement, the pain vanished within FIVE MINUTES of the beginning of my session. (I put that deliberately in block capitals because I still find it so mind-blowing!) Simone works on an abundance of life experience, coupled with an almost magical instinctive awareness of people. Sitting in front of me she confronted me gently with the truth behind my pain. She got to its very root, and the pain dropped off me instantly. If you had seen the combination of puzzlement mixed with gratitude on my face you would have been amused. The really amazing thing is, however, not just that Simone cured the terrible neck and shoulder pain so quickly, but that she taught me how to fix it myself from that point on. She passed on her methodology and the theory behind it in a way that made perfect sense, (you get many ‘light bulb’ moments when with Simone!) and I now am no longer afraid of the prospect of the pain returning.



Victoria Barker

I first worked with Simone in 2012 with life-changing results. Barriers to living a better, happier life were gently broken down using a variety of methods including EFT and I have been on a much healthier, contented, positive path since. After that fantastic initial experience, I have used the techniques I acquired and called on Simone’s unique talents during challenging times. I moved away from Scotland and sometimes I have travelled to Glasgow to see her, and others we have worked together on Skype. I am continually amazed at how a session with Simone on Skype unlocks the core of the issue as if we were in the same room. I am eternally grateful for the positive impact Simone has had and continues to have, on my life.


Salma Igbal

Having worked through a long-term back complaint I understand the benefits of practising yoga,
developing mindfulness and understanding anatomy and physiology. My chronic injury led me from doctor-prescribed painkillers to studying Health and Fitness and eventually becoming an instructor myself. As an instructor, I designed gym programs, taught classes and technique often worked with people with back chronic complaints.
I discovered Simone while training in Greens where she taught the yoga class. I count meeting her as a continuation of my education in anatomy, physiology, body chemistry and food science. My own understanding of how my body works has been greatly helped by attending Simone’s classes. Simone is a warm, funny and a very talented instructor and her classes are always enjoyable, a learning experience and a great work out. Her classes are also designed to suit all levels of fitness.
In addition to attending classes, I have attended Simone’s Nutrition workshop and the Detox. The Nutrition workshop opened my eyes to many new ideas and foods that I hadn’t considered before and toward a greater understanding of my body chemistry. The Detox was amazingly useful in helping me break old patterns and behaviours and think outside the box in terms of my diet.

Karen Leahy

After I was sitting in the office all day, day in day out I felt like I was on the fast track to my 90’s at the age of 28. I soon realised that yoga was the only thing that helped me to combat this. Even my evening jogs weren’t paying attention to the posture my body needed until I incorporated the posture I had learned from yoga. After one session of yoga, you carry the effects with you for days as your muscles remind you of the way you should be holding your body.  If yoga isn’t practised properly it may appear to be way easier than it is and also be damaging rather than any good. This is why Simone is the essential ingredient to any of your yoga classes. She kindly and encouragingly helps you stretch your body in the only way beneficial to you and prevents you from doing yourself any harm. I would also highly recommend the detox to everyone, every once in a while. Especially after the Christmas Festive Season, I eagerly await my next one.

Jacqueline Daly

I went to Simone for help with my body and to my surprise and delight she also helped me with my mind and spirit and I will be eternally grateful for this as I had truly lost my way in all respects. I had also lost my way spiritually and Simone helped me to re-connect with this part of myself.  Read on..

Kenny Craig, accountancy

I met Simone whilst recovering from pneumonia in 2003. In hindsight, I was in a very bad way. I took a couple of informal classes and then asked Simone what she could do for me. Both what she said and the way she said it, struck a chord and I decided to make the commitment!  So started a few months of private lessons and classes, rehab really, as I pulled my basic fitness out of the mire. I’ve never looked back. For me Yoga does what it says on the tin. Read the first chapter of any yoga book and you feel better already. Read the magazines, talk to other yogis – it’s the same message. As a fitness regime/lifestyle, it ticks the boxes and must be one of the most efficient ways of keeping you fit for life and sport. I have always hoped to work hard/play hard to the end and feel now that I can reasonably expect to do so. Thanks indeed, Simone!

William Morrison 

I have been going to Simone’s yoga class weekly for over two years and I would highly recommend them. After previous negative experiences with yoga/pilates classes (too busy and not enough individual attention), I was reluctant to attend but that misconception was immediately dispelled.

Each week, Simone has a fantastic way of creating a class that is unique, tailored to your needs and you leave feeling that your mind, body and soul are enriched by the experience. Give Simone’s yoga tuition a go, you won’t regret it!

Amanda Davidson
Before we’d even got started my back (which has been giving me problems over the past few years) went out badly again and I can honestly say I have never had such a quick recovery before. Besides her extremely talented teaching, she is a joy to be with and an hour of Simone time is like a breath of fresh air and a battery recharge

Iain Graham, General Practitioner
I no longer experience back pain at all and my flexibility has improved dramatically. The improvement has allowed me to get back to playing rugby for the first team and my performances here have been much better than before

Robert Broadfoot, Director of Primary Care Dental
Within two months of commencing yoga with Simone I have become much more flexible and I am playing golf once again. I believe I have said goodbye to back pain, Read on..

John Muldoon, Window cleaner
Results I have seen have been, at 28 years old my flexibility is better than when I was 14 years old more benefit to me than I could have expected, yoga builds strength quickly also, Read on..

Jamie Crocket, chartered surveyor
I first saw Simone 1 to 1, for 2-3 years after I injured my sciatic nerve track, then slipped 2 discs in another accident about a year later. I’d never really considered yoga before, but now I go to Simone’s class on a weekly basis as I have no longer pain. Simone is great fun and her yoga expertise and physiology knowledge are easily worth the 40 mile round trip, everyone should go to keep in shape and out of pain.”

Colin Wiseman, IT and web development
Simone is amazing at her job. She knows her chosen subject of yoga and alternative health and healing inside and out. There is no one I’d rather deal with when learning about yoga. Contact her, you will not regret it.”

Stuart Dougal, Director and sports professional
I have no hesitation in recommending Simone to anyone who wants to get fit or have improvements made to their health. Simone also has a lovely personality and makes you feel at ease from the first minute you start the session to the end. I found her remedies to be first class and I still practice her techniques.
100% recommended by me!”

Pierre Kuba, researcher and tutor
It’s fair to say that many people have a thirst for life but not many let you part take in theirs as Simone invites you to do and benefit from it so greatly. Simone does not only show you ways to get in touch with your body but your mind, improving not only your physical but emotional well being along the way. Pain Therapy under Simone’s guidance helped me ease my excruciating back pain by strengthening those rarely trained but essential muscles, and simply feel more positive about life. What a wonderful treat. Thank you so much Simone!”

Eleanor Caie, Ceramicist
Simone is a fantastic yoga instructor and therapist who has an in-depth knowledge of the body, anatomy, breath, the effect of modern lifestyle, diet, health and happiness. She uses her experience and skills to tailor a specific programme to each individual with almost magical effects.”

William Morrison Training Services
Simone has been part of my exercise regime for many years and her contribution to my fitness and well being has been immeasurable. As someone who is tall and suffers from occasional back pain, Simone’s yoga has increased my flexibility and improved my posture – and helped my lower back problems.
I travel fairly frequently on business and use the techniques that Simone’ has taught me when away from home. This helps keep any aches and pains at bay – and helps to keep me fit whilst on the move. Simone’s advice on diet and nutrition has also greatly influenced my way of life in a positive way.
Simone’s one on one sessions are unique and have to be experienced to appreciate their true value – give them a go, you won’t regret it!

Robert Broadfoot, Director of Primary Care Dental
Simone Moir the yoga teacher has completely changed my life since I commenced My One on One yoga sessions. Her enthusiastic motivational approach means that solving my back problem has not only become achievable but fun. I had fallen into a pattern of episodes of back pain, which were managed by regular visits to the osteopath. These episodes were becoming more frequent and I was unable to play golf for much of the year. Within two months of commencing yoga with Simone, I have become much more flexible and I am playing golf once again. I believe I have said goodbye to back pain…..

John Muldoon, Window cleaner
Results I have seen have been, at 28 years old my flexibility is better than when I was 14 years old more benefit to me than I could have expected, yoga builds strength quickly also….
I have been learning yoga for about one year and have 1 My One on One a week with Simone and train 2-3 times per week on my own at home.
Results I have seen have been, at 28 years old my flexibility is better than when I was 14 years old more benefit to me than I could have expected, yoga builds strength quickly also. After training with weights for 14yrs I find Yoga a refreshing change a better challenge and an enjoyable form of exercise, which requires not equipment, you can train almost anywhere – no more excuses. I have been training with Simone and can honestly say she is a professional, always doing her best to motivate and encourage you to reach new targets all the time.
Yoga has improved my performance at work as a window cleaner, working at great heights my confidence and balance is 100% better, making me faster and able to earn more income.

Liz Stephen, counsellor
I have been inspired by Simone’s way of teaching. She seems to intuitively know what my body needs. Simone teaches yoga and much more. She is always able to pick out something healing for me from her little bag of holistic tools and gives graciously. Being a therapist myself I value and honour the energy the puts into every hour we spend.

Isobel Campbell, singer and songwriter
My one on one sessions with Simone is like gold dust to me because I know that no matter what tugs, demands, stresses and strains are happening in my everyday life outside our time together is an oasis of calm where we work together to replenish, restore and revitalise. I always walk out of our sessions like a prizefighter! Read on..

Jacqueline Daly
I had also lost my way spiritually and Simone helped me to re-connect with this part of myself.  I went to Simone for help with my body and to my surprise and delight she also helped me with my mind and spirit and I will be eternally grateful for this as I had truly lost my way in all respects.  Read on..

Phyllis Joyce, Body-centred Counsellor
I discovered that you cannot ‘do’ yoga – it does you! In the beginning YOU ARE doing yoga exercises but very soon I discovered that it is the key to unlocking stress in the body and mind. Simone intuitively chooses the right pose and adjusts the body mindfully and safely. Gradually I began to perceive and experience a greater awareness of the interconnectedness between my emotional, mental and physical states: I would describe it as a peaceful, calm, content state. That state, for me is when yoga really is alive and not just an exercise regime completed on the yoga mat. Simone offers a fresh new world of understanding through the organic patterns of yoga, breathing and the modern science of biomechanics to assist you in reconnecting with your own innate ability to live a life of health, vitality and peace.”

Jolene Crawford director at Precious Productions
I cannot praise Simone’s work highly enough – her knowledge, expertise and techniques are helping me to live the life I want to live. She has a highly intuitive method of working, backed up with an in-depth knowledge of physiology, so works on the body and mind as one. I’ve already recommended Simone to numerous people, who all agree with me. Her one on one sessions allow you to sort out any issues you have with body and/or mind, while at the same time equipping you with the tools and practices that fit in with a busy life, allowing you to maintain your new-found health and well-being.

Jillian Shephard business owner
Firstly Simone tailor-made my yoga sessions to suit me and my lifestyle which was hectic as a single mother of 2 and running my own full-time business, at first I struggled to find 1 hour a week to meet, then I realised this was an hour that was for me, after a few sessions my back was strengthened and the back pain began to subside, I learned to stop and breath and not only did the pain go but my life began to change.
Each session was made for whatever physical or emotional ‘issue’ I presented.  I had a niggle at the base of my skull and Simone guided me on a way to access this pain using my eyes – the results were far more than either of us could have imagined – as after wearing glasses for 33 years (since age 5) I went for my usual check-up at the opticians and to my amazement not only had the pain gone but I no longer needed my glasses – 3 years down the line I am still spectacle free !

Gillian, S. Self-employed mother
Yoga with Simone is more than Yoga it’s the start of your journey and with someone who has a genuine interest in each individual, she coaches.Try for yourself you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Lucy Trend
A true yoga teacher with a deep understanding of the body, but more importantly, a deep understanding of the person, our individuality, what makes us tick, what we need. If you want to learn yoga, she will teach not just teach you yoga moves, but also teach you how to learn it, how to use it, how to use yourself.

Manjit Saggu
Simone has an uncanny knack to finding the weakness and slowly making it into a strength.

Anna Kerr
After the workshop, I felt like the type of 2 dimensional EFT I knew about from YouTube videos and self-practice became 3 dimensional or burst into colour from a black and white understanding. It became clear that working with someone else brings the technique alive and helps to clarify what to tap on which is perhaps more important than the tapping itself…?

Kirsty Morland
Simone is way more than just a yoga teacher. She is full of knowledge and wisdom about the human body and the world around us. She is authentic and lives what she teaches. Through her classes and workshops, I have learned so much with her patience and gentle encouragement. I wish I could bottle what Simone offers 💖

Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

Hari Farzin freelance web developer and marketing consultant

When I first discovered I was pregnant, all I seemed to hear were pregnancy and labour horror stories. If the truth be told I started to get a bit anxious, especially about the birth. Then a friend told me about her wonderful birthing experience – she had a home birth without any pain relief and amazingly didn’t need any stitches even although she had a big baby. When I asked my friend what her secret was, she attributed her easy pregnancy and labour to Simone’s guidance and her daily yoga routine. Worth a shot, I thought.

Simone takes a holistic approach seeking to prepare both the body and mind for pregnancy, labour and motherhood with each session tailored to your specific needs. For example, within minutes of meeting Simone identified the tension in my neck and shoulders and gave me exercises which successfully eased this pain, which had been reoccurring for years, in a matter of days. Thereafter we worked together to stretch and strengthen my body ensuring a comfortable and mobile pregnancy throughout, even during the latter stages of my 42-week pregnancy. Then there was the actual birth. My partner and I felt prepared; we knew what to expect and had the confidence to manage the process with little input from the midwives until it was time to catch the baby. I required no stitches, was able to leave the hospital the next day and took a comparatively short time to recover.

Simone offers more than custom-made yoga routines. She has a great knowledge of the workings of the body and mind, is an expert in nutrition, practices alternative therapies and has access to a wide network of experts in relevant fields that she generously shares. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from my sessions, and would highly recommend Simone to anyone. I will happily be back for more coaching for baby number 2!


Carrie Shaw,
Programmes Manager, Advanced Forming Research Centre

I started seeing Simone 1:1 around 5 years ago whilst pregnant and have been attending her classes for around 4 years. Prior to meeting Simone I had attended a number of yoga classes with different teachers. It can be difficult to explain why Simone’s approach is so different- she’s a true yogi, inspiring me to look after myself better physically, nutritionally and emotionally….all things I find challenging as a busy working mum!

Helena Lawson, mother
I had a wonderful pregnancy and the birth went well, with a short labour of 2 1/2 hours. Now five weeks later I am going back to Simone’s wonderful yoga classes…
Attending Simone’s class was the best thing I did after becoming pregnant. Her classes left me feeling challenged and relaxed. She was very reassuring with the positions/moves I could carry out. As well as advising me when I had to take it easy so I did not overstretch or strain my body. The nights I went to yoga I always slept better and felt refreshed the following day.
I was able to practice yoga right up to the birth of our little girl ‘Cara’. The last class I attended was the week before she was born. I would definitely recommend yoga to anyone, and more importantly to anyone who is pregnant. It was an exercise, which I was able to carry out at home on a daily basis and really feel the benefits.

 Eilidh Weir, artist and motherSimone’s knowledge and understanding of the body is second to none. She has constructed regimes for pregnancy, recovering injury and general fitness and strength which always deliver great results. I can think of no one who would not benefit from yoga with Simone.”