1-2-1 Yoga Therapy in a nutshell in May 2021

Yoga therapy journey

Are you a yoga teacher ready to dive deeper into the art of energy, emotions and well-aligned asanas?

Are you a yoga teacher struggling to find depth and meaning in your healing path?

Your missions, should you wish to accept it is within 4 weeks to connect the world of emotions and energy to your yoga bodywork, exploring the power of 3 transformational tools.

Then join me, Simone Moir, Yoga Therapist, Stress Coach, Intuitive Healer for 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy immersion online.

I share with you the gift of exploring your body with slow yoga, high awareness and deep healing through connecting energy, emotions and gross anatomy.

This knowledge can be translated into all styles of Yoga

60hrs further training course in Glasgow

(more than 30 hours in person)

  1. May – 21. June 2021
Fridays 18-21.00 (3-hours) Saturdays 17.00-21.00 (4-hour) Homework assignments and buddy groups

course fee £492 Early bird booked by 03.04.2021  

Thereafter £592 (contact me for financing option)

What Tools We Explore Together:

I have put together the tools that have been proven most successful in my more than 20 years of daily practice.


The learning:

Weaving together theories from 4 different stand-alone healing artforms and heart – coherence, stripping them down to their powerful essence to make them relevant and effective for your yoga movement practice.

Connecting the dots:

Hand-on learning, experimental way of gathering information, co-teaching

Elemental breath practice and soul reconnection

Soul journey activation Activations and alchemy of the universe, allowing all elements to nourish and balance our lives, healing and passion

Meridians and TCM

(Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Basic understanding of Meridian Theory
  • Where emotions meet movement (Bridging the seen and unseen energy)
  • Tracing and flushing practice of the meridians
  • How Meridians translate into a movement practice
  • Chinese meridian and organ sounds (chanting & breathwork)
  • The power of all elements channelling their purpose

The Fascia – connective tissue (where emotion is held)

  • How it affects fascia and energy body
  • Let movement flush, hydrate and realign your body
  • The holy grail for pain relief

Yin Yoga – quiet and insightful tool

We learn on a yin basis and translate the learned into more dynamic options. Adapting the theory to chair yoga and yang options to tickly your brains and wake up your creative mind. This is hands-on learning, not just a repetition of what you see.
  • What is Yin Yoga – why we learn better slow
  • Yin training based woven with meridians 12 flows
  • experiencing where Yin meets restorative yoga therapy
  • Yin yoga basics over 50 poses, upgrades and variations – A Mindful Approach
  • Pranayama based Breathwork (the power of the pause
  • Props purchased and improvised
  • Use of Props as a support tool
  • The 8 Melting Points a pathway designed by me to make your teaching spot on.

Alchemical re-connection through soul activations

Mindfulness, Visualisation, Yoga Nidra

and many other divine techniques to embed the learned into your cellular memory This is what makes it possible to tune in with your client and the guidance system on offer?

Now let it all sink in and

book a discovery call.

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What makes this course unique: 

Compact – Affordable – In-depth Training If you are a yoga teacher looking fora training that delivers in the nutshell effective Yoga therapy, grounded in a connected spiritual foundation this is for you. The synergy of the learned and the tapping into higher guidance, the elementals and the wisdom your client holds, without knowing creates the masterpiece of your own unique Yoga Therapy practise. Creating a solid base for any teacher to draw from to gain confidence, experience and expertise. It’s experiential hand-on learning, front teaching is minimised and interesting ways to learn applied. I teach you to inquire for new information, not just filling your brains but opening your mind, We making your bodies, touch and ears wake up to a new source of wisdom. By tuning in.

What you can expect:

Reconnecting source and the elements Meeting in a held space, you can feel your shoulders drop, your mind open and your body speaks with you, discovering fascia, energy and emotions on as support, energy and signposts. Out of the box learning tools to make the context easy to assimilate, fun and interactive. Apply your own yoga experience and explore its connections to deepen your understanding of imbalance in your own and your clients’ practice, making your teaching available to a more diverse clientele. Gain a deeper understanding of your own body and practice.

Learn proven tools to follow sensations and emotions into the depth of your energy systems and fascia to meet, explore and release them in a safe practice.

What you get out of the course on paper:

  • Condensed knowledge about how the body’s 3 D version is viewed
  • Meridian, Myofascial and Yoga Therapy tools
  • Ability to adapt and gain confidence in teaching all levels of abilities
  • A structure you can rely on to design your own poses and sequences
  • A feeling for a held ritual space and working with the elements their guidance
  • Your own journey of rediscovering connection with your smart guides out there
  • Discover where emotions meet the body
  • Diving into mindfulness with a variety of tools for each temperament
  • Develop mini tools for every day for self-care and remember No.1
  • Learn to listen with new ears so the clients set the signpost so you can guide them along their healing journey
  • Put on new eyes and make use of your 3rd eye on the journey of unfolding
  • self-discovery – What it means for you to be of service as a yogi

Oh, the possibilities!

By the end of this journey…

You feel powerful at heart, connected to your inner sight and able to confidently stand in your power at home, work and in all your relationships. You let your soul ROAR and overpower any lingering doubts or temptations to play small.  You rev up your confidence to guide sacred ceremonies and healing meditations for yourself, your clients and your community… Yes! It’s time to super-size your ability to tap into following the flow of feeling and intuition to guide your decisions. This journey will touch your life, your clients (for those of you with a healing/coaching practice) and all of humanity for years to come.

Where to start?

LINKS to get a good overview.

PODCAST with Yoga Alliance Professionals

Now let it all sink in and book a discovery call.

You will need to apply to make sure the course is for you

only a few spaces are available and it has to fully align with you.



This course is Yoga Alliance Professionals registered


Who wants to melt into ease:

A journey from Yin to restorative yoga

How with a bit of effort you get your mind and body a long way to allow total ease

Moving little – breathing deeply – anchoring thoughts

Explore 1.5 hours of how to meet a specific emotion

week 1 – worry & confidence

week 2 – fear & stuckness

week 3 – anger & frustration

week 4 – sadness & grief

The slight challenge before you surrender deeply

£20 drop-in – £65 block of 4 – 6 hours of class

DATES in June 2021 TO BE CONFIRMED 18.30-20.00 deposit of £20 to keep your space full block payment by 22/04/2021

With practice sheet for home

downloadable guided meditation / visualisation / Yoga Nidra