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Allow The Fog To Lift Ultimate

Ameed Versage offers a Safe – Sacred and System

Self-defence for women


Book launch in London 30.3 2023

I am co-othering in this amazing compilation of moving stories

Pre-order link:
Published by Author In Me



Tribal Breath Work Gatherings 2023

Journey beyond the traditional pranayama practice


Melt into yoga COMMIN SOON

4-Part journey to explore the energetic highways of your emotions, how to maintain and upgrade them.


Secret – Sacred – Special

A great lesson in Boundaries, finding your confidence and getting a piece of mind.
Ideal for mother-daughter experience Ameed Versace – Skills for real life!!! I am signed up for a refresher
How are your skills?
How safe do you feel out at night?
 This Refresher for me is once again high on my agenda.
“I have been fortunate to benefit from it since my youth and I felt that in the big city, I was able to avoid many things simply through these tips.” K.H
He is a highly trained Self-Defence Expert He teaches you life-saving information that you will hopefully NEVER need to apply! I know him for over 20 years and have benefitted from his training, and so have many of my friends.
This is a unique opportunity Eye-opening Blood-curdling REAL I have to admit I was shocked when I did the training ad it has stayed present with me ever since.
Check it out If the dates do not suit we will offer another round, note your interest these spaces go fast!  
“He conveyed to me the feeling that I always have a chance during an attack, which should be seized. I particularly remember using my body weight and physical dynamics.” L.C.
Women Only – newcomers welcome This stays a secret!!! NO LEAKING!!! This is to keep us safe Single sessions possible too for £20 each Let me know if you wish for info 07789813481


Powerful self-study-system for emotional

5 Weeks to a more
Resilient YOU

Explore with me a variety of effective and truly bite-size tools and a proven path to more ease,

so you can self-soothe, lift your mood and breathe deeply, no matter what life brings you within minutes.

Sneak into our FB Group and see what we cover

Join Our Growing Tribe

See inspirational posts and great little tips and tricks to support each other holistically.



Self-Help Courses


Inspired By Our Little Tribe


Advance Yourself Further


Health Pays Off


Ground in community, let’s co-create

And what a year it has been, we were truly paused, truly globally connected and rode a new wave of experience.

Before you get carried away making and breaking new years resolutions, join us.

Where we truly paused is disbelieve, truly globally connected and rode a new wave of experience all as one in our own unique way.
Let’s open the doors wide for 2023
When we do one step with intention the universe does 9. (Rudolph Steiner) Let’s make use of this.

90 min of bliss and connection
We ground your feet on your path
and call in what you wish to invite into 2023

As always this is donation based
Suggested Donation £15 all welcome

As always donations go to local projects this time, we sponsor an outdoor kid gathering that helps kids from all walks of life to play safe, explore our local wildlife and the hidden spaces where nature can still be felt.
That way we breathe goodness into our neighbourhoods
It’s done by donation suggested for a full wage is £20, the door is open to all. It’s important to offer an energy exchange as we are all valuable.


Who wants to melt into ease:

A journey from Yin to restorative yoga

How with a bit of effort you get your mind and body a long way to allow total ease

Moving little – breathing deeply – anchoring thoughts


Explore 1.5 hours of how to meet a specific emotion

week 1 – worry & confidence

week 2 – fear & stuckness

week 3 – anger & frustration

week 4 – sadness & grief

The slight challenge before you surrender deeply

£20 drop-in – £65 block of 4 – 6 hours of class

DATES in September 2022 TO BE CONFIRMED

deposit of £20

With practice sheet for home

downloadable guided meditation/visualisation / Yoga Nidra


Warm heartfelt hug